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Twitter Web App : I am so looking forward to meeting my District Rep Rep. Robert Aderholt today in my little town. This is what getting involved with my local @Gop brings. We should each be willing to go to one meeting a month to help save our country from socialism. Just saying.

Twitter Web App : Dear Lord thank you so much! I give you all the glory in this! The tide it is changing! Teachers and students are ALLOWED to pray and Worship in school! All children! #MondayMotivaton Thank you to all those involved in this!…

Twitter Web App : Two Israeli Jewish men stop their 🚘 inside a Muslim area & started dancing, soon the residents joined them.

People don’t hate each other, Politicians make them hate each other!

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Twitter Web App : Democrats push back on White House impeachment claims, saying Trump believes he is above the law.

Yet Dems choose to ignore the law when it comes to millions+millions of illegal immigrants. Power hungry hypocrites when it suits the brown vote.

Twitter Web App : I’ve never seen anything like 👇 this! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Aerial footage of the Pro-2A #VirginiaRally outside of the state’s capital in Richmond!!

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Twitter Web App : Today, we pause to honor the incredible life and accomplishments of Dr. King, who helped shape the Civil Rights Movement, gave hope to millions experiencing discrimination, and whose enduring memory inspires us to pursue a more just and equal society. — President Trump

Twitter Web App : 2A Protesters in Virginia singing the Star Spangled Banner.

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Twitter Web App : Omg yeah use their own tactics! I like the illegal idea! Makes much more sense than having them staying here free to kill innocent Americans as they’ve done so many times!😡 Gun rights are guaranteed in the constitution...illegals aren’t covered there! 🙄 😑…

Twitter Web App : #MLKDay-Patriot at #VirginiaRally shares a message of UNITY: #UnitedWeStand-“We got each other’s backs. They’re not going to make this a Communist State. They are not going to make us felons & turn our law enforcement officers against us!”

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Twitter Web App : With Mayor Khan refusing to remove EU flags after Brexit day, locals take things into their own hands!

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Twitter Web App : Reporter: Is it disqualifying for a presidential candidate to lie to the American people about anything?

Elizabeth Warren: How could the American people want someone who lies to them.

Excellent point, Lying 🤥 Liz!

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