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Bio Biophilia is my natural state. Thus my concerns are the threats to our shared biosphere and the exploitation faced by humans, other animals and plants. No lists
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Twitter Lite : MMGA Make #Mexico great again! Give back #Texas!…

Twitter Lite : Buffy There's no choice among the #Tories in their race to the bottom taking all of us with them #Brexit. Dangerous idiots and #Fundamentalists

Twitter Lite : We become callous because we are functioning, living, acting, within the petty little corner of a distorted field.

Twitter Lite : #NigelLawson, chancellor at a time when the UK was benefiting from maximum income from North sea oil, wasted everything on tax brakes and f***** the #economy up good and proper. Why are monsters like him still talked about? #Brexit #Tories…

Twitter Web Client : Hardline Tories tell May: get ready for no-deal Brexit… Somebody do something about these #psychooaths. I don't care care what, just shut them up! #Brexit

Android : Good morning birders . I imagine you are no fans of trophy hunting , so the next time you shop please think about buying ethical optics . Have a look at this Ethical Consumer report… Plenty of top quality products .…

Twitter Lite : The amount of methane leaking from the nation's oil and gas fields may be 60% higher than EPA's official estimates.

Android : Charlie Falconer Even easier would be to educate the people properly, be grown-up and cancel #Brexit But that's a political solution and politicians are human short-term thinkers. Brexit is just one strand of world trouble forcing us all into #dystopia

Twitter Lite : Jim Pottkotter Agreed, and do what you can to further life, ALL life, with real awareness from day to day. What else is there in life, for all life to do?
Your photo captures the meaning of that☺

Android : There are none so blind as those who will not see

Fascism is returning

We must fight it and fight it and fight it…

Twitter Lite : We need to try and get the message out there for people to leave young birds alone unless absolutely necessary to move them, still getting lots of calls, here are 2 from today 43