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Bio Mom of kids & dogs, expert problem solver putting good in the world. DONE with this administration. Found my peeps on twitter. #RESIST
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Twitter Web App : September 26, 2019:

The day that I am hand in my Expert Multi-tasker Award while trying to watch #WhistleblowerComplaint while also watching Nancy Pelosi while also watching Beto ORourke while also reading tweets on this insanity.

Game on!

Twitter Web App : Utah, I'm so sorry...Chris Stewart was the best you had?

Twitter Web App : #WhistleblowerComplaint
Devin Nunes - how did this truthful and incriminating information get out?! Who leaked this? ๐Ÿฅด

Twitter Web App : TRAFFIC ADVISORY: Avoid congestion on Pennsylvania Ave. in DC today. Buses are lining up around the White House for VPs, staff, friends, and family to be thrown under. #WhistleblowerComplaint

iPhone : Lisa Bedrick Oh Lisa...

Unfortunately I need to thank you for both your ignorance and stupidity, as these responses have totally restored my faith in humanity while providing a shit ton of much needed laughs!

iPhone : Elsewhere in GOP corruption, an entire Republican County Board of Supervisors in Virginia was just indicted for embezzling $21 million dollars! ๐Ÿ‘€ richmond.com/news/virginia/โ€ฆ

Twitter Web App : David Caughlin ๐Ÿธ Shane Harris their? It's they're...

I know calling out spelling is often silly, but one would also think trying to exonerate a president from an impeachable offense would behoove having someone with a 4th grade education proofread before releasing it if the note taker wasn't qualified.

iPhone : #BigPharma always gets away with murder.

Every penny #Purdue and the #Sackler family has should be paid to victims of their greed and to help end the #opioid epidemic, not to bailouts and bonuses.