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Bio Assistant Prof, @comp_sci_durham, Durham Uni. Working on NLP ML & DL. Mother of 2 girls, married to a supportive husband @basharawwad_, born and raised in Syria
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iPhone : Today we celebrated our ongoing collaboration with #DurhamUniversity. Combining academia with industry, these partnerships provide us with a unique & broadening perspective, whilst allowing students the opportunity to explore their research in a more practical and applicable way.

iPhone : Suggested New Years resolutions:

- Say no more often, especially to things you're only doing for a CV line/to impress people.
- Use your (relative) power to pull others up the ladder behind you.
- Speak up for people in less privileged positions whenever you can.

iPhone : Karen Morenz I totally agree. But unfortunately, in a field dominated by men, if you don’t work 24/7 and succeed in building a track record in no time, you don’t only miss out on progression but also men never take you seriously in the field!!

Twitter Web Client : I waved goodbye to work-life balance the minute I started my academic job.I work crazy hours, spend my income on childcare &hardly see my family. My baby is more attached to the nursery nurse than me.I constantly ask myself:is it worth it? Karen Morenz

iPhone : Scary stats! there is nothing called “blind” review anymore. For example ACL 2020 strict blind review allows authors to publish their non-anonymised papers with names and affiliations on arXiv as long as they do so before a month or more of the conference submission deadline!…

iPhone : Researchers do well if they can.

What researchers need:

1. Financial support;
2. To know which problems are relevant;
3. Private constructive feedback on skills (e.g. writing);
4. Moral support.

Researchers don't need:

1. Extra motivation;
2. More carrots;
3. More sticks.

iPhone : New paper, strictly controlled experiment, and same findings. “Findings show that instructors who are female and persons of color receive lower scores on ordinal student evaluations than those who are white males”.…

iPhone : BREAKING: New machine-learning system predicts if a driver is selfish or selfless.

The goal is to enable self-driving cars to better handle situations like merging and taking left-hand turns.

(joint work w/Toyota Research Institute (TRI))

iPhone : Dr Noura Al Moubayed is giving an amazing workshop on Natural Language Processing at #NGSchool2019 - today weve learnt!