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Bio You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have…a podcast about the Facts of Life!
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iPhone : I love grocery shopping but I hate putting them away. I don’t mind washing dishes but I hate unloading the dishwasher or putting them back where they belong. I’ll do all the laundry but folding it is a struggle.

I don’t like doing two things that match! God send me a finisher😩

iPhone : Johnetta Elzie Places you’d want to actually want to live down south like Nashville or Atlanta is a no. Nashville is as much as Chicago. I moved from Nashville to Chicago and was going to move back but the cost of living is more there because you have to have a car. I don’t drive in the Chi.

iPhone : Candice Marie Benbow So boom. I’m at a party and there are cookies. My friend was like Ang eat half and I was like naw imma eat it all. I was fine and then halfway into the drive home my hands melted away except they didn’t because I was driving with them but I couldn’t see them😩

iPhone : Chile what is going on in Watchmen! I’m so lost 🥴 me trying to understand this show👇🏾
#WatchmenHBO #Watchmen

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iPhone : Then I ate some white chocolate pretzels and dreamed Drake was my boo and asked me to quit my job. I refused because... student loans🤷🏾‍♀️ He paid them in full!

Since food is dictating my dreams, imma eat some Flamin Hot Cheetos tonight and see if I can make Da Baby appear😉

iPhone : I ate a burger and fries for dinner and dreamed that I was being chased by vampires because I was the only woman in the world with a special blood type and they wanted me to mate with men who had it too, to build a supply.

Bitch I’m never eating Mikkey’s before bed again 😩

iPhone : New Bonus Episode available NOW!

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