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iPhone : As of this morning, more people in the US had died from #coronavirus than in the 9/11 attacks. And we are only at the beginning. We will have 9/11 level death counts on a daily basis, consecutively, at the height of the pandemic. This could have been avoided. I hope I am wrong.

iPhone : Third, convince his base that dangers to country are paramount & he needs their help. He should make a special effort on Fox to rally his forces. This is no time for more partisanship. Next few weeks will determine fate of tens of thousands of Americans. Anderson Cooper 360° CNN

iPhone : Joe Lockhart Donald J. Trump Really? Not even if some of those Canadians were the ones who helped Americans and took them in when they were stranded during 9/11? Not even those ones, eh? We'll, we'd still do it again because that's who we are... we're pretty damn proud of being that way too!❤️🇨🇦❤️

iPhone : Joe Lockhart sussan71🍊 Donald J. Trump Canada provided safe haven for dozens of US civilian aircraft and thousands of US citizens on 9/11. Operation Yellow Ribbon also allowed us to determine if there was any other hijacked planes.They had our back when we were attacked and this is how we repay them? America First?

iPhone : Reminder: The administration is managing this crisis with vacancies/acting officials as:

DHS sec
DHS deputy sec
DHS chief of staff
DHS executive sec
DHS u/s for management
Director of national intel
Principal deputy DNI
FEMA deputy administrator
TSA deputy adm
NCTC director

iPhone : Regarding the masks: I really wondered. Because my parents live in Taiwan, and Taiwan has treated this pandemic SO differently. The govt gives each household masks every week. It’s just basic care for them.

iPhone : Two shocking facts of this administration's failures to lead on COVID:

1. The Pentagon offered HHS 2,000 ventilators but haven't been told where to send them
2. The DOD offered 16 labs for processing tests two weeks ago, still not in use…

iPhone : Gutting story about a woman who raised six kids on her own and survived breast cancer, and died of the coronavirus. “She was a supermom, you know?”… by Kadia Goba