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Android : In the last 24 hours, the administration has announced:

- They will seek the power to detain migrant children indefinitely

- They won’t provide flu shots to families in detention

Six children have already died, three in part from the flu.

This is a recipe for more tragedy.

Android : We have now entered a new era where facts don’t exist and a president thinks he is “King” and the “Chosen one”.

Now what? twitter.com/laureldavilacp…

Android : Trump rolls out the red carpet for North Korea. He bends over backwards for Putin. He ignores Saudi Arabia’s terrible crimes.

But he cancels a trip to Denmark because... they won’t sell us Greenland? It’s hard to overstate how far beneath the dignity of his office this is. twitter.com/realdonaldtrum…

Android : The arrogance of this... No, Joni, the PEOPLE of Iowa would not be "silenced." what'd happen is their voices would count the SAME as everyone else's. If the STATE would then lack influence? That's your problem: Make it worth more people LIVING there.

Android : Aimee Terese Egh... I tend to have the exact opposite view of human nature - adversity reveals the truth of us, not comfort (especially, again, for white men with NO systemic oppression affecting them.) So we've seen these people. So I'd prefer to not waste time, effort and resources...

Android : At a gun show, a seller told me we need better background checks. An owner of an AK-47 told me he’d do anything to keep his kids safe. A Trump supporter told me he’s open to buybacks. We need to stop writing one another off—because only together can we end this epidemic.

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Android : Trump just looked up to the sky and said “I am the chosen one.” A reminder that he’s completely insane, and unfit for office in every way. #25thAmendmentNow

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Android : In the past 24 hours, Donald Trump…

- Had a tantrum because Denmark wouldn’t sell Greenland to him;
- Accused Google of changing 16 Million votes; and
- Claimed to be the “King of Israel” and the “second coming of God.”

...If he wasn’t president, he’d be put in the loony bin.

Android : 80 percent of evangelicals support him. Do they endorse and accept this idolatry and blasphemy? twitter.com/andrewfeinberg…