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Pray Tell’s Stylist

Bio I aspire to reach the level of happiness @Gucci1017 felt when in the lagoon.
Location Riding Roc
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iPhone : Y’all don’t know how much I love this fucking song.

It still comes second to on ya body but it’s my second happy song.…

iPhone : Straight Off the Rip, oh we snapped fasho 🔥👶🏾 DaBaby

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iPhone : PEAK Twitter content 😂😂

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iPhone : Sis are you on drugs? Where did I disrespect your relationship??? YOUR dyke called ME fine. I said thank you. Get a grip. This is pathetic.…

iPhone : She tried to crash a party she knew she wasn't invited to and got escorted out. Then brought it to social media thinking we'd agree but it backfired…

iPhone : If she was cute I would fuck her just for you coming in my mentions like a mf'n goofy. Cho ass outta here silly ass girl.…