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Bio Ghar mein shaadi hai lekin paise nahi..Hahahahah....ye dialogue zaroor yaad rakhna vote karne se pehale.
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Android : A Rape survivor dies after she was burnd down by her rapsts on bail in Unnao,U.P

Next day a rape survivor committed suicide becoz cops didnt register FIR against the culprit in Kanpur, U.P

Meanwhile MEDIA: Rahul Gandhi Should Apologize for calling India the Rape Capital.

Android : 40 People died in a Fire tragedy in Delhi*

ARNAB : Mr. Kejriwal must be held accountable, He shud resign infact

Panelist: But the Place wher the Targedy has happnd is controlled by MCD under BJP

ARNAB: Coming to the Next question, Why has Rahul baba called India a Rapз capital

Android : I am going to fight this menace till it finishes or i get finished.
Yes today I also am feeling lil low but will bounce back.

Android : Now is also the time to BEATA PARAO AUR USSAY DARINDAGI SAY BACHAO. If We don't want our sons to be monsters we must teach them to respect others and treat women as humans. I know tweeting is not the solution but somewhere it may reach and may make wee bit of difference.

Android : Since morning I am feeling how many women have to die because of the failure of police. Across the country this force need to understand they have their duty towards citizens of the country. How they can be at peace with themselves when incidents like # Unnao happens.

Android : Ma'am.
You've been at this for hours.
Here's what you seem too angry to realise.
You can call me any label, screenshot my stuff all you like, insult me all you like.
At the end, I'll just be a comedian with more jokes...and you still won't be a journalist 🙂

Good luck ✌️ twitter.com/UnSubtleDesi/s…

Android : उन्नाव के सभी दरिंदे त्रिवेदी और वाजपेयी हैं .ऊंच कुल-गोत्र के ब्राह्मण.तभी बलात्कारियों का धर्म देखकर शोर करने वाले सन्नाटे में हैं या कुछ कहकर खानापूर्ति कर रहे हैं .अगर ये भक्तों के टारगेट वाले होते न तो पूरी ट्रोल आर्मी दिन-रात काम पर लगी होती.
#EncounterNight twitter.com/umashankarsing…

Android : पीड़िता के खेत में आग लगा दी गई। उसकी छोटी बहन को स्कूल जाने से रोका गया। ये सरकार अत्याचारीयों के साथ है। क़ानून औऱ न्याय की बात करने वाले कहाँ हैं? hindi.news18.com/news/uttar-pra…

Android : 5 accused in Unnao Case.

Harishankar Trivedi
Ram Trivedi
Shivam Trivedi
Shubham Trivedi
Umesh Bajpai

They all are Brahmins that's why there is NO outrage,No Photos of accused, they won't be killed in encounter.That's called Privilege.


Android : Han #Chinese treat #Uyghurs as slaves.

In this video, the Chinese says “do you know me ?if you know me,don’t move ,if you move, I will kill you.”

#China’s communist party encourages Chinese to bully Uyghurs. Han Chinese benefit from Chinese government’s anti #Uyghur policies.

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Android : In the Kathua incident, even before the famous Tiranga yatra in support of rapists, the entire village came together to deny burial space for the dead child. Not to mention that the whole of society, including Bar associations rallied for the culprits. Your outrage is hollow

Android : My mom died when I was 11 years old. I haven’t heard her voice in over 30 years.

My aunt just sent me a dropbox link with a video recording she found from a 80s kids birthday party.

In it my mom says to me “I will come back and pick you up Halli”.

Technology can be magic.

Android : THREE encounters:
1) A former Naxalite
2) The killing of 3 men accused of an acid attack on women
3) The killing of 4 men accused of rape and murder of the vet..

All have same standard operating procedure, same explanation, and the same police officer.

Android : उन्नाव: रेप पीड़िता की मौत के बाद धरने पर बैठे अखिलेश, प्रियंका गांधी ने परिजनों से की मुलाकात


#UP #Unnao #Gangrape #YogiAdityanath #AkhileshYadav #PriyankaGandhi #Mayawati #यूपी #उन्नाव #गैंगरेप #योगीआदित्यनाथ #प्रियंकागांधी #मायावती

Android : For month this Jewish man has been protesting against the #China’s locking up more than 3 million Uyghurs and other Turkic #Muslims in East #Turkistan.

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Android : Watch Glenn Greenwald demolish Bill Mahers hateful rhetoric against Arabs & Muslims.

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