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iPhone : The Turks said they got everything they wanted.
Pompeo: We achieved the outcome that Trump sent us to achieve.

The Turks got no sanctions & Kurdish land. The US got a 5-day ceasefire that lasted 6 hours so our allies wouldnt be ethnically cleansed.

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Twitter Web App : The congressman in charge of the impeachment inquiry unloaded on Trump’s enablers for trying to obstruct justice. occupydemocrats.com/2019/10/21/sch…

IFTTT : #Breaking News: A training seminar at major accounting firm taught women their brains are “like pancakes” ift.tt/2P6KcwA

Twitter Web App : The House Speaker's office compiled an easy to digest guide to the case against the president. occupydemocrats.com/2019/10/21/nan…

iPhone : When the history books are written, members of the Trump administration — from top White House officials to low-level staffers — will either be remembered as HEROES and PATRIOTS, or as COWARDS and TRAITORS.

IFTTT : #Breaking News: CNBC reporter reacts to Trump’s bonkers Cabinet meeting: “20 minutes of nonsense” which was “very sad actually” ift.tt/2o3NxBq

iPhone : So Trump is in the clear because the Emoluments Clause isnt real and George Washington had two desks and Obama inked a Netflix deal in 2018.

Just making sure Im understanding this correctly.

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iPhone : "Forgetting his personal grotesqueness, there is nothing he is about, in terms of the issues, that [the republicans] haven’t been there longer & worse--on climate, a woman’s right to choose, fairness in our economy, gun safety, how we treat immigrants."


iPhone : Not enough folks are talking about the big elections coming up in 2 weeks. Please help! Here's what's at stake and how you can spread the word. #2019elections

IFTTT : #Breaking News: Trump mystifies press by promising to “get out of wars” but may “get in wars” to do so ift.tt/33Oy07H