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Android : 🇹🇷 Turkeys Gezi Park activists who took part in anti-government protests in 2013 have been acquitted of terror charges

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Android : Here’s a fun piece of electability trivia.

Elizabeth Warren is the only candidate to defeat an incumbent republican in 30 years.

The republican she beat was Scott Brown.

Scott Brown was bankrolled by...Michael Bloomberg.

Android : Always a good time to remember this Nazi in the White House. Stephen Miller, the creep Trump fans have no problem with.…

Android : NOW: The Israeli military is confiscating a one-room building serving as a school in Susiya. To read our full post:…

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Android : He was able to make ppl in his admin try to claim that his sharpie map was fact much more than he was able to extort Ukraine. But, it's all the same thing in the end.

Android : Can't recall so many journalists being kicked out of China at once, or the foreign ministry being so public about it. Quite a bold step. The piece was an op-ed, so nothing to do with WSJ news operations. Not that that would make much difference to the Chinese government though…