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Sprout Social : #FBF - Winter Jam 2016! 👊

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Sprout Social : Sometimes we create a world in our mind with thoughts. Instead of believing the positive things and truth we believe lies. Shake it off. Wake up from your false reality. You bring life into this world that no one else can bring. Your life is worth living. Choose to Live!

Sprout Social : Looking for a new @spotify playlist? Weve got you covered.
Check out our Thousand Foot Krutchs Top Hits playlist.
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Sprout Social : But I know now I can be free from the pain thats inside of me.
You took my place gave me air to breathe, opened the cage, and you set me free.
#GiveUpTheGhost #TFKArmy

Sprout Social : We each have a stage. We each have people looking up to us. What are you saying from your stage? What example are you showing those who consider you the rockstar in their life?

iPhone : 21 years ago today, “That’s What People Do” was released as an independent record, the first album as Thousands Foot Krutch!

The single “Rhyme Animal” became the number one song of the year on LIFE 100.3 in Barrie.

Thank you for 21 years of incredible memories & more to come!

Sprout Social : There is nothing better than sharing the stage with friends! #TBT
Carrie Underwood joined us, in her hometown of Tulsa, OK, to sing Let the Sparks Fly.

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Sprout Social : Im just the boy inside the man...

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Sprout Social : We come rushing through your stereo system, into your ear canal, like the alignment of the solar system. Have you forgotten about the days when we just wanted to rock? #Bounce #TFK