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Twitter for iPad : Trump is the perfect example of white privilege: Lets keep other people down so we keep winning, so I can keep filling my own pockets, says Chelsea Handler, whose new film explores white privilege. …Its like the pinnacle of white privilege is him…its nauseating.

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Twitter for iPad : And just like that 🌿 10,000 farmers + ranchers have come out urging Congress to support a #GreenNewDeal.

From regenerative agriculture + carbon farming to keeping our land hospitable to life, farmers & ranchers know they are key to leading a Green New Deal & #JustTransition. twitter.com/alexckaufman/s…

Twitter for iPad : Netanyahu appears unready to accept defeat in the Israeli elections, saying he was the target of media bias. He is under indictment for fraud and bribery, and has pushed for an immunity bill to shield him from prosecution so long as he remains in office. Wow. Sound familiar?

iPhone : Two Amish men drinking spiked iced tea in a horse and buggy that had a 12-pack of Michelob Ultra sitting on top of it escaped police after being pulled over, deputies in Ohio say cnn.it/2Avut1K

Twitter for iPad : If Netanyahu actually cared about the common good of Israel and really wanted to bring peace to the region, he would step down from being Prime Minister today and fade away into the private sector.

Twitter for iPad : Did you ever think maybe the “King of Debt” is driving the country to financial collapse (it’s coming) for a reason? Someone should look into stock/bond/equities short positions held by Trump & co. Just a hunch!

Twitter for iPad : Imagine Nixon tweeting congratulations at G. Gordon Liddy. twitter.com/realDonaldTrum…

Twitter for iPad : It’s is windy and wet in Galveston. The surf is rough, there’s an extreme risk for strong rip currents, a tropical storm warning, oh and people are surfing. #TSImelda

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Twitter for iPad : Talk about ICY inspo 💎💎💎 #SublimePerfection

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Twitter for iPad : NEWS: The House Intel Committee voted tonight to release a tranche of transcripts from the GOP-led Russia investigation in 2017-2018. We could see them in a day or two.

iPhone : This is a brutal takedown of Corey Lewandowski by Judiciary Dem counsel Barry Berke, who is highlighting a series of apparent lies Lewandowski told during TV interviews when asked about Trump’s directives re: Jeff Sessions.