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Twitter for iPad : Also if you cannot get a home, car and cash in the Uk. what kind of fuckwit are you?

Certainly not the type person who should follow me.

Away and support the Old Firm and live your life vicariously through the success of others.

Twitter for iPad : Whisper it....

See if you commit suicide ( not people dealing with Terminal illness checking out early)

You are a coward !

If you have fresh water, a car and power you are in the top 10% on the planet.

Why right have you to be depressed?

Twitter for iPad : Andy Galaday You really don’t! Only someone who knows fuck all about fighting threatens any random person. You don’t know if a I’m a black belt in BJJ or if I know Krav Maga.

Twitter for iPad : willy stroker wulffc For having opinions that were common 20 years ago?

Suicide is for cowards, look around the world and see how lucky we are, count your blessings.

Twitter for iPad : wulffc Or you can suck it up and get on with it.

Unless you have a terminal illness and in constant pain with a low quality of life.

Suicide is the cowards way out.

Twitter for iPad : This has to be the worst sporting Saturday ever! No big events, no decent games, no boxing, there is a UFC card later on, but it’s a really weak card.

Twitter for iPad : Why are we giving two fucks about criminals being deported? We should deport all non British citizens who commit any crime in this country.

Twitter for iPad : If you are one of the people who doesn’t take their trolley back at the shops and leaves it at their arse - I hope you get that Coronavirus!

Twitter for iPad : Hard to moan when we’ve won 6 to zero but I’ll have a go😛

That scoreline was the ultimate in papering over the cracks, created nothing in the first half, huffed & puffed until the second goal. Missed a few easy chances then everything hit in the direction of the goal went in.

Android : I'm sorry but there is very little improvement in our team. More identikit midfielders brought in. Still no pace, no skill and a lack of energy and enthusiasm.