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Bio Anti-Brexit with a passion & doing all poss. to stop it.Adding me to lists not acceptable gets an instant block,as do people who havent put their brains in gear
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Twitter Web Client : So Bannon's arrived in Paris to help get Le Pen elected and he's spending 2500 euros a night on a room in the Hotel Bristol: 'man of the people'??? Who's paying him? Where does he get his money? Is he the puppet master or the puppet?… via Le Monde

Twitter Web Client : This is an absolutely epic piece. Sam has looked at every single Brexit party candidate and dug up some extraordinary stuff. It's a long but brilliant read.…

Android : Total respect from an (ex) Labour man. I don’t cherish voting for another party, not at all, but I’m going to. Corbyn needs a lesson.…

Android : Assassinating MPs, inciting hate, lying, dirty money, dodging Qs, banning TV stations and, as Farage did, threaten to “don khaki, pick up a rifle and head for the frontlines” if he didn’t get his way are serious threats to democracy - not milkshakes. Discussing on Good Morning Britain

Android : I must commend Gordon Brown on coining that phrase to describe that brexitparty person, "not a man of the people, a man of the paypal... " if it wasn't him, whoever it was, nice one #FBPE…