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iPhone : I’m #SNPbecause I want Scotland to be fair, open and inclusive and that means being independent. I’m asking you to vote The SNP tomorrow because the first step to a better future is locking Boris Johnson’s Tories out of power. In Scotland, only the SNP can beat the Tories. #GE19

iPhone : Conservatives What even is this!? 😂😂 how much money did this graphic cost??
Oh wait! Ignore it. It’s a distraction to get people talking about the image rather than the horrors of Tory policy.

iPhone : Richard Leonard Scottish Labour Oh no! Not poor Jeremy Corbyn!? 😱how Selfish of the Scottish people to put the democratic gift of self-determination before the needs of an old, white career politician who’s only wish is to sit at the helm of one of the most powerful countries in the world! 😱😭 #prayforcorbyn

iPhone : Ruth Davidson Jackson Carlaw MSP Yes, it was a lovely wee speech section of the debate. Glad he could recite these issues in the vacuum of monologue, free of criticism of the reductionist nature of typical conservative rhetoric. I thought Andrew Neil did it better, to be honest.

iPhone : Jackson Carlaw MSP I’m a former paediatric A&E PICU nurse and let’s not forget the conservatives have been responsible for thousands of deaths thanks to their austerity measures despite the UK being one of the richest countries in the world.