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iPhone : Gothalion Short term, 100%. But if you have a big enough game... you might be inclined to use that leverage.

This is a long term issue to watch out for. Won’t happen overnight (I hope).

iPhone : This is what has prevented content restrictions so far. Hopefully, will be enough to prevent pubs from locking content.

If we look at other industries... Game of Thrones would get a lot more viewers if it was on more networks, but it isn’t.

Strategy goes beyond pure sales.…

iPhone : This is what I mean.

It’s easy to imagine a world where DOTA can’t be streamed on anything except Steam. Halo on Mixer. Etc.

Think about how this will feel when Half Life 3 launches. :)

Scary stuff.…

iPhone : Valve starting a streaming site should be frightening for content creators.

Now, 2 major publishers (and a 3rd company with ambition to be) own streaming sites.

It won’t be long before companies start having internal conversations about restricting which games can be streamed.

Twitter for iPad : FallenMonument You can sell a product you know nothing about, but you can’t endorse it without personal experience. The FTC is clear about that.

You’re not a salesman. This isn’t the Home a Shopping Network.

A bunch of affiliate programs just clutter up your show. And what’s the return?

iPhone : The most sleep I’ve gotten in two weeks... was on the airplane to Germany.

Let’s do this Deutschland! Gamescom all week!

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Twitter Web Client : TFW you figure out that a client crushed their 12-month income goal in only six months.

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Twitter for iPad : You guys really don’t know this meme?

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iPhone : Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

I have.