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Twitter Web App : Nobody comes to work jazzed about chasing after #data. They simply want answers to their questions. 🤔👍

Oracle’s new approach to #analytics does just that for #finance pros: via Forbes BrandVoice

Twitter Web App : Is it true what they say? Is it better the devil you know when it comes to moving your #ERP solutions to the #cloud?
Debbie Green shares her thoughts here:…

Twitter Web App : Connectivity has never been more crucial for a #business.🤔

By using #technology you can now increase efficiency in your workplace, adding economic #growth, easier than ever before! 📈☁️

Click here to read more:…

TweetDeck : Making your #flight as pleasant as possible is important to @yieldr as they can now focus all their attention and #resources on you. ✈️👍

Find out how:…

TweetDeck : Work is now more #reliable with @hertz as not many people have to interact with their #database anymore, so you don’t have to worry about anything! 💻👍

Watch this video to find out more:…

TweetDeck : With @yellowdog you can now get your #jobs done faster than ever before! 🏃‍♀️💻

Watch this video to find out how we helped:…

Oracle Engage : The Mesopotamians transformed counting herds into managing data 7,000 years ago 🔢. Find out how today’s hyperconnected #data is taking us into the future 🔮
with more accurate insights.

Twitter Web App : One of the achievements made by Carolina Santos Alve is that they’ve enabled rapid #growth and expansion into new #markets, providing unlimited customer scalability!👍💻

Find out more:…

TweetDeck : Now with @kagool they can help you keep up with all of your #business demands. 📱🏃‍♀️

Find out how they are able to do this here:…

TweetDeck : Due to redesigning their app page, @Nationalexpress increased their engagement by 22%! 👀📱

Find out how:…

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TweetDeck : At AFNCI they decided they needed a fully integrated suite of #applications in order to free up precious #resources that can be directed towards #cancer #research. 📱☁️

Find out how they managed to do this:…

TweetDeck : Interested to know what your fuel consumption is like? ⛽️
Smartphone #apps and #web portals can now give you access to data, which can be analysed to show this and detect card fraud. 💳

Find out how @Radius was able to do this here:…

Oracle Engage : Looking to create a more collaborative and innovative 💡 HR function? By encouraging data 📊 sharing between colleagues, you can.

TweetDeck : Western Sussex #NHS Foundation Trust can give new #parents information about their new born, 24/7, accessible by smartphone, tablet or #computer. 💻👶

Watch this video to find out more:…

TweetDeck : Going to #sports events can be stressful 🏇
Now, due to a conversational chat bot on social #media platforms, you don’t need to worry about any of this, and you can enjoy your day! 📱
Find out how @urbanheinekenpolo was able to do this here:…

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Twitter Web App : By combining science and technology, @Dow is able to ensure that you get #sustainable transportation.💻🚂

Find out how:…

Twitter Web App : By 2050, overflowing email boxes will be all in the past. Instead #bots will operate on voice command to make #workers lives easier than ever before. 📩👍

Read more here:…

Oracle Engage : #IT, innovation and growth, are inextricably linked. Discover in our report why it pays to be a #data leader, and how automated technology could be the place to start. ‍💻 💭

Twitter Web App : Does the world really need another hobby #programmable chip? One #developer thinks the $20 micro:bit is both elegant and rugged. via Forbes

TweetDeck : Keeping you informed and up to date on the latest #trends is what Gap is here to do, so that you never miss the #new looks👗👛
Find out how they are able to do this here:…

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