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Twitter Web App : Johnson has ONE story about visiting A and E - when he got a shard of glass in his foot. It strongly suggests to me that he - and possibly his entire immediate family have only used the NHS that one time. Could someone ask him?…

Twitter Web App : Apart from car crash Brexit the Party has two policies. Cutting in half the 1% of our budget that we give in foreign aid to the poorest people in the world. And abolishing inheritance tax that will benefit some of the richest people in society.

Twitter Web App : Otto English Otto, in Cheshire the BXP Ltd selected Nick Goulding as their PPC for Eddisbury. When Farage pulled his "not in Tory seats" stunt, Mr Goulding was shunted across to neighbouring Weaver Vale. What I don't know is what happened to the poor bugger who had originally been selected...

Twitter Web App : Hi, why are you stocking the propaganda of known far-right extremist Paul Golding?

Content “that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views” is prohibited per your own T&Cs.

Please clarify.

Twitter Web App : If you just tot up what the Brexit Party ltd admit receiving it comes to around £4 million in donations. The real figure - taking into account online donations will be much higher. So why won't Farage pay all those hopeful candidates back?…

Twitter Web App : Brexit Party MEPs are the richest, by far, of any party in the EU Parliament. According to EU integrity Watch, they collectively earn up to €4,683,916 on top of their EU salaries.…

Twitter Web App : I do love the fact that the Brexit party's excuse for having no members was to "keep the EDF out" .... some years ago I did a comedy thing where a guy who'd been recruited to the far right said exactly that

Twitter Web App : Racist thug and convicted criminal Tommy Robinson - endorses Boris Johnson on Russian propaganda channel RT. And the circle of Brexit is complete.

Twitter Web App : If anyone is still wondering whether to vote Tory, heres renowned shit Tommy Robinson on Russia Today endorsing Boris Johnson before heading to court where hes being sued for defamation by a Syrian refugee.

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