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Bio Calling out BS. #resistance #TrumpResign #fbr We shouldnt have to be subjected to the crap were assaulted with daily. Tables need turning. We deserve better.
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Android : If Joe Biden wins South Carolina primary by even just one vote, it is a huge comeback story, and remakes the race once again. As i have said all along, there are many twists and turns ahead.

Android : We've test-driven a lot by now. Let's face it, Medicare for All isn't going to fly. Race is also extremely important. We've not only got to winnow the field, we also got to winnow the issues. We need to beat Trump, have a passion for diversity, and promote a health care solution

Android : There are 47 global anti-pandemic programs in the U.S. Trump cut 37 of them, along with funding for the CDC, so that he could give billionaires tax breaks and so he could build a fence along the border. Who do you wish you voted for now, as Trump lies to us about #COVIDー19 ?

Android : Trump said we were very close to a vaccination for the Coronavirus.
He lied.
The WH said he was referring to an Ebola vaccine.
They lied.
Trump & his administration are lying to protect the stock market.
They could give a shit about the health of the people.

Android : Jason Johnson Come on, Jason. This is just a ridiculous tweet. There is no "probably" about this yet. It's only February. Pundits are doing the same thing in crowning Bernie the king of the Dems. Stop this. It's early. And your pandering to Trump and the easy predictions is unbecoming.

Android : Watching post-debate interview with Bernie. He's on his heels. His front-runner status is slipping away. It will be a different race after Saturday.