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iPhone : What happened - to be clear - is they spotted me in the pub, waited for us to leave, and then launched their attack when we were away from the pub - it was planned, not a random attack. twitter.com/owenjones84/st…

iPhone : Earlier this year a far right activist took pictures of me in a pub with these threatening messages, for example.

The far right menace is growing, it’s real, it’s violent, and it’s targeting minorities and leftists. We can’t let them intimidate us, and we will defeat them. ✌️

iPhone : The group then scarpered: I don’t know if they said anything in the melee. I’m fine other than a big bump on my head and a cut back.

Given the far right attacks I’ve had in the streets, and generally escalating far right threats I’ve had, I’m in no doubt as to what this is.

iPhone : Six of us left the pub at 3am and were saying our goodbyes 30 metres away, then a group of 3-4 men left the pub, made a beeline for me, kicked me in the back, threw me on the ground, slamming my head, and kicked me in the skull. My friends were punched trying to defend me.

iPhone : This is a bit dramatic, so firstly I’m fine, but last night - when I was celebrating my birthday - I was attacked, along with my friends, in a blatant premeditated assault.

Twitter Web App : Oh, I really have seen it all now. The Lib Dems oppose a temporary Stop No Deal government led by Corbyn, who supports a new referendum, and instead support a government led by Ken Clarke, who opposes a referendum and repeatedly voted for Theresa May's deal. Amazing.

iPhone : Jo Swinson's plan is to install Ken Clarke as PM...but it turns out that Ken Clarke would deliver Brexit.

What a useless party. twitter.com/ryxnf/status/1…

iPhone : Silencing me & treating me like a criminal is not what she wants for me. It would kill a piece of me. I have decided that visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands against everything I believe in--fighting against racism, oppression & injustice. twitter.com/RashidaTlaib/s…

Twitter Web App : Lots and lots of love for Nicky. And I hope trans folk watching this video see the love and support she's getting. ❤️🏳️‍🌈 twitter.com/NickyBandini/s…

Twitter Web App : Their plan seems to be that some dreamy government of national unity can be formed with someone of their choosing, bypassing the Leader of the Opposition etc.

But remind me, just who is supposed to provide most of the votes for this govt?

Oh yeah, the Leader of the Opposition.

Twitter Web App : Chris Leslie is a man, incidentally, who won't join the Liberal Democrats because he thinks they're too left wing on issues like law and order and national security. He was Labour's Shadow Chancellor four years ago. What an excruciatingly embarrassing fact that is.

Twitter Web App : This guy's obsessive hatred of Corbyn is so extreme, he's going to vote to prop up Boris Johnson's No Deal government.

Until he loses his seat in a few month's time, and disappears into middle-management of whichever lobbying firm will have him, call him Chris "No Deal" Leslie. twitter.com/ChrisLeslieMP/…

Twitter Web App : Absolutely astonishing. No Change, UK are so terrified of losing their seats - which is absolutely nailed on, and they know it - they're going to prop up Boris Johnson's No Deal government. twitter.com/lewis_goodall/…

Twitter Web App : The Lib Dems were happy to prop up the Tories and implement devastating cuts for five years - but not happy for the Leader of the Opposition to form a five week long government to stop No Deal. theguardian.com/commentisfree/…

Twitter Web App : By dismissing Corbyn’s overtures, the Lib Dems are showing their true colours | Owen Jones theguardian.com/commentisfree/…