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Bio Socialist, anti-fascist, Guardian columnist, author, owner of 2 ridiculous cats, losing my Northern accent with every passing day. Sad.
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Twitter Web App : A lesson on why its worth digging deeper: the UK minimum wage boosted hourly pay for the working poor last year, but their weekly pay packets actually shrank. ft.com/content/f6888b…

iPhone : Every time a Tory minister resigns I put this on. My cats are the British public at this point.

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Twitter Web App : Thatcherism encouraged the idea that poverty or hardship weren't social problems, but personal failings. It's that attitude that continues to drive today's onslaught against the welfare state. theguardian.com/commentisfree/…

Twitter Web App : Britain has been damned by the United Nations for condemning the poor to lives that are "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short".

Until we get rid of an ideology that blames individuals for injustices caused by a broken society, nothing will change. theguardian.com/commentisfree/…

iPhone : The working class is the working class, regardless of skin colour.

Labour member and activist Guy Matthews on how the right will never represent the working class.

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iPhone : The UN has condemned Tory welfare policies. Labour must end this shame | Owen Jones theguardian.com/commentisfree/…

Twitter Web App : Change UK spent more than £1,300 on ads saying they wanted to ‘remain in the UK’ inews.co.uk/news/brexit/ch…

Twitter Web App : Theresa May looks like she's trying to tough it out.

1. Steven Swinford reportings she's refusing to see ministers tonight.
2. Tomorrow EU elex polling day mean broadcasters cannot report politics, scuppering momentum.
3. Then it's recess until June 4.


Twitter Web App : New Kantar European elections poll.

Four-point lead for the Brexit Party.

Brexit Party (27.4%)
Labour (23.5%)
Liberal Democrats (14.5%)
Conservatives (12.9%)
Greens (7.7%)
Change UK (5.4%)
Others inc. SNP/PC and UKIP (8.7%)

Fieldwork: 14th – 21st May 2019.

Twitter Web App : While Westminster media obsess about the disintegration of the Tories, 14m are described as being in poverty by a UN report, 1.5m are destitute. It even talked about the DWP designing a digital & sanitized version of the 19th century workhouse. We have to be talking about this.

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Twitter Web App : With news that Boris Johnson is leading the polls for next Tory leader, let’s have a look at what his supporters are talking about this week. [THREAD]

Twitter Web App : 🚨URGENT🚨Tommy Robinson will be in Salford TODAY!

Join us to stand in opposition to his racist, fascist, xenophobic ideas and to let him know his HATE IS NOT WELCOME HERE!

Details: facebook.com/events/2137539…

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