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iPhone : Ocasio-Cortez says she's a 'proud' Democrat, even though she won't pay party 'dues'

Cortez is not a proud Democrat she is a disease called Socialist !

iPhone : Instagram blogger embraces curves, slams former 'lean' bod in before-and-after photos

Looks like she embraced everything in the cupboard , the refrigerator , and every store she passed 😂

iPhone : Trump tells Fox News' Laura Ingraham 'four embassies' were targeted in imminent threat from Iran

Bolton in the Democrats pockets ! Bet that !

iPhone : Mark 'Oz' Geist: Trump's decisive leadership would have saved my Benghazi team

SCRIPTURE ....AMEN ! President Trump is a TRUE LEADER ! Something Obama was NEVER !

iPhone : California crews dismantle 3-story 'treehouse' homeless shelter as final phase of cleanup initiative begins

Democrats created this and everyone else has to live with this as well as pay for this ! The people of California needs to turn the state RED !

iPhone : Omar sounds off after Minnesota county bans refugee resettlement – aided by Trump executive order

When this pc of 💩 (Omar) is ousted in the 2020 election she needs to be removed and put back in the country she came from !

iPhone : AOC riles Dems by refusing to pay party dues, bankrolling colleagues' opponents

😂 this is great 😂 all these people will be gone in 2020 Elections 👍🏻

iPhone : Anyone want to ride the F35? Outstanding US Military Air Power?

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iPhone : Tombstone 📈 🇺🇸 Non Americans ! Part of the destruction that wants to rip America’s foundation out !!! No culture , no Heritage , just straight freak and all the money & power for Democrats while they hold you down and feed you crums ! 🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

iPhone : ❌ Mike_ Support President Trump ❌@FarRight1_2 (❌ Mike_ Support President Trump ❌@FarRight1_2) 's Twitter Profile">❌ Mike_ Support President Trump ❌❌ Mike_ Support President Trump ❌@FarRight1_2 Joe Bagofdonuts Cactus Momma Debra the Patriot 🇺🇸 ErskineRadio.com ⭐⭐⭐ k jerseydeanne In Cov fefe ☕ We Trust M Grigas Ozzy Moreno Dave ❌ SaveTheLand Thanks Mike ❌ Mike_ Support President Trump ❌@FarRight1_2 (❌ Mike_ Support President Trump ❌@FarRight1_2) 's Twitter Profile">❌ Mike_ Support President Trump ❌❌ Mike_ Support President Trump ❌@FarRight1_2 for including me with all these awesome Patriots 🇺🇸💯

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iPhone : Come on James ...they don’t hire cause of skin color ! It’s the skills that coaches possess ! I am a fan of yours but let’s not go down that road ! The league is overwhelmingly not white !!! Just saying ! pennlive.com/steelers/2020/…

iPhone : Rand Paul fires back after Graham accuses Paul, Utah's Lee of 'empowering enemy' by opposing Soleimani strike

Moles always showing themselves at what they feel is the right time to do so when Republicans are soaring ! Thanks for showing your hand !

iPhone : CNN's Don Lemon encourages 'shaming' of Republicans, calls them 'party of hypocrisy'

You are the biggest fool Don Lemon!America sees through you! You should be fired for your antics but that won’t happen CNN is the same! Birds of a feather flock together

iPhone : Rod Rosenstein lands job with corporate law firm in DC: reports

I wouldn’t hire this guy to work at Goodwill !!! Pathetic loser and a straight liar !!!!

iPhone : Larry David says Bernie Sanders presidency would be 'great for the country' but 'terrible for me'

Larry David is delusional ! He welcomes socialist ideology to America? WTF? Another deranged person on the Democrats platform! By the way 🇺🇸Trump 2020 🇺🇸