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Android : That feeling when you are booking a Card and you look over it and see that The Hood isn't in a title match again...
#GoodBooking #Meritocracy #PPVW
Stewart Gibson

PPVW does Countdown - 28/03 pic.twitter.com/SQwgNK4Rzk

Android : WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! WHY WERE YOU AWAY FOR SO LONG?! We know, we're sorry. However....


See who will be the winner of the Rumbley Tumbley and the first of our Triple Crown Participants.


Android : With the arrival of SFV Championship Edition we at Burn To Fight recognised that a championship edition... Needs a championship belt to go with it.. 👀

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Twitter Web App : Soviet Union Jack living his best life!

Check out why at our last event, Strictly Come Wrestling:

Next event announcement coming soon!

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Android : PPVWrestling Can also be read as "since his debut The Hood has earned himself 2 world title shots by outclassing the other contenders but we decided to cheat him out of one because he was too close to winning"


Android : - 1x European
- 2x Tag
- 2x Intercontinental
- 2x World

- 0x Win

A Merry Xmas season to all...
#PPVW #2K20 #sticktostreetfighter

Android : Since Hoods debut in PPVW, not counting tournaments, pure or hardcore title:

- Been in 8 No.1 contenders matches.

- In 2019 competed for every title and has been in a total of 7 title matches

- Currently sitting at a record of 0/7 in title matches all in one year Stewart Gibson

Twitter Web App : Wildman_Wayne has the reads. But was it enough to win the Pure Series?

Check out the playlist now on the PPVW YouTube channel:

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Twitter Web App : Witness the respect the Pure Series demands of its competitors...

Latest Pure Series playlist now on the PPVW youtube:


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Android : Fake News misure Gibbons. PPVW is an organisation of many and Claude Monet doesn't monitor all responses twitter.com/TWS_Gibbo/stat…

Twitter Web App : Find out what heartbreak looks like...

Strictly Come Wrestling 2019...

Stewart Gibson #PPVW

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Android : It's got more 10s than a cigarette machine and more pop than a soda factory, PPVW's STRICTLY COME WRESTLING IS HEEEEERE


Android : PPVW CEO and top talent CLAUDE MONET with a message for you all.....

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