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Twitter Web App : The last time Mike Pence was in charge during a public health crisis, this happened.

We can’t trust Trump and Pence with our care. #WeDecide2020…

Twitter Web App : A6: Work reporting requirements do nothing to improve coverage instead creating barriers to care, not bridges to employment. Many people with Medicaid DO work, but the burden of extra reporting requirements causes them to lose coverage. #WellnessWed…

Twitter Web App : A3: The #Medicaid block grant waivers are a lose-lose for states & residents: They would worsen people’s health by taking away coverage & access, while straining state budgets & increasing financial risk:… #WellnessWed

Twitter Web App : A2: This admin has sought to cut access to coverage at nearly every turn - by promoting work requirements, attempts to repeal the #ACA & Medicaid expansion, and recently with block grants. None of this would improve access or the health of those who rely on #Medicaid #WellnessWed…

Twitter Web App : The Trump Administration is proposing Medicaid block grants and per capita caps along with $920 billion in Medicaid cuts.

Here are 10 reasons to reject Medicaid block grants. —>


Twitter Web App : In the meantime, heres what we know about the candidates positions on abortion and other reproductive health care → #WeDecide2020

Twitter Web App : Just days before Super Tuesday and before the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in a case that could roll back abortion access, there was no question about abortion.

Reproductive health care is in dire jeopardy — voters deserve better. #AskAboutAbortion #DemDebate

Twitter Web App : Reminder that gun violence makes it impossible to raise our children in safe environments free from the threat of violence. #DemDebate

Twitter Web App : It’s a disgrace that myself and others like me should have to come here to defend our lives over and over…My liberty to decide if and when to have a child would be stripped away, my safety would be at risk, and my happiness would be diminished. - Jennifer Leatherby #ialegis

Twitter Web App : What Trump has done to take away health care from people of color and rural communities:

-Tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act
-Attempted to "defund" Planned Parenthood
-Implemented the gag rule on Title X

#DemDebate2020 #WeDecide2020

Twitter Web App : Gun violence is a public health issue — and all people deserve to live safe and healthy lives without the fear of violence. #DemDebate

Twitter Web App : While the #DemDebate2020 happens, don't forget that our rights are at stake — right now.

Tonight, Iowa state lawmakers are having a hearing on a constitutional amendment that could strip Iowans of their fundamental right to safe, legal abortion. #ialegis…

Twitter Web App : Polls show that over 70% of Democratic voters are more likely to vote for a candidate that supports abortion rights. At tonight’s debate, moderators should #AskAboutAbortion because reproductive freedom is a winning issue. #DemDebate

Twitter Web App : With Justice Kavanaugh replacing Justice Kennedy, our right to safe, legal abortion is under threat like never before.

And now? The Supreme Court has a chance to rule on abortion in this year’s term.

Candidates need to address this, NOW. #DemDebate2020 #AskAboutAbortion

Buffer : “There is nothing more politically powerful than a Black woman who has full control over her body. And politicians know this too.”

We cannot elect a repro health champion to the White House without the leadership of Black women — full stop. #WeDecide2020

iPhone : Super Tuesday voters deserve to hear a substantial discussion of candidates’ plans in tonight’s #DemDebate before they vote in a week. #AskAboutAbortion…

Twitter Web App : A quick reminder: 39 Republican Senators recently signed an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to revisit Roe v. Wade. While today’s votes on these anti-abortion bills have failed, our fight to protect a woman’s right to choose is far from over.