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ID 15669672 : Chicago Synagogues Target of Several Arson Attacks: Fresh on the heels of 3 synagogues set ablaze in Boston.. Thanks to the Democrat partys embrace of Jew-hatred and anti-Israelism, these hardcore Democrat cities are hotbeds of antisemitism. : Canada Moves to Ban Christians From Demonstrating in Public Under New “Anti-Hate” Proposal: Dark times in Canada. Anti-hate - who decides whats good and whats forbidden? Terror tied groups like CAIR? Trudeau? : Pro-jihad Bernie Sanders: Would Move U.S. Embassy in Israel Out of Jerusalem to Get a Peace Deal:: Nuts. Was there peace before the embassy move? Only a hard -left Marxist believes rewarding terror brings peace. It brings.... more terror. : Minneapolis: Somali Mob with Hammers Descends on Minneapolis East Bank Train Station Patrons: Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar's neck of the woods. : Rocket fired at US embassy in Iraq the same model used by Iran: The mullahs are itching for war. Two reasons: 1)To distract their own people from their revolutionary activities 2) sowing discord in the US to aid the Democrat party of jihad in 2020 : India: Pro-Israel Prime Minister Modi Set For LANDSLIDE WIN: Another yuuuge win for the forces of good, another epic fail for the media and the elites. Australia, now India. #TrumpEffect : VIDEO: The “Palestinians” One Condition for Peace – Israel’s Complete Destruction: And therein lies the rub. Its always been about the destruction of the Jewish people. Palestinianisn like Nazism is a genocidal movement. : Lawmaker: Americans Will Be ‘Astonished’ By FBI Probe Transcripts: Declassification is right around the corner. : “Allahu Akbar!” “We Love Hitler!” Men In Car Chase Jewish Teens In Brooklyn: Despite massive 82% spike in antisemitic hate crimes in NYC, Presidential hopeful Mayor Bill de Blasio doled out hundreds of thousands to Jew hater and jihad inciter Sharia… : Sweden: Police Arrest Several Jihadis Including Leader of Muslim School: Several imams have also been detained. #ReligionofPeace : TRUMP EFFECT: RNC Breaks Fundraising Records: The party of treason is in for a serious ass whooppin in 2020. : Cardinal: Opposing “Large-Scale Muslim Immigration” is Patriotic: Defrocked in 3...2...1... : Hundreds of “Black Vest” Migrants Seize Terminal in Paris Airport: “France does not belong to the French!”: Takbir! : ‘Ideological Enforcement:’ Twitter Blocks Heritage Foundation Director: Heritage has long defended social medias right to censor. They stood silent while we were removed one by one. Who will stand up for them? : Jihad Groups Release Posters Threatening The U.S. And Christians: Listen well Americans and comprehend my words... #Ramadan : Facebook’s Zuckerberg Vows Facebook Will Work With Governments on Hate Speech: Down comes the hammer on harmful content and election integrity. : US special envoy Carr warns about antisemitism: “Anti-Semitism isn’t only about the Jews,” said Elan Carr. “Anti-Semitism is history’s greatest barometer of human misery, and a society that has imbibed its poison is rotten to the core.” : Jihadis and Muslim Jew-Haters On Telegram Praise Stabbing Of Jewish Woman In Sweden: A reason to cheer for soldiers of Allah. : Doctor who faces inquiry for treating a Muslim child says he will quit after 23 years as a GP due to the ‘major injustice’ of the investigation: I absolutely no longer want to be a doctor.’ Atlas Shrugs but worse. Hed be facing a racism inquiry… : COMEY RATS OUT BRENNAN: Fired FBI Chief Claims Brennan Pushed Junk Dossier in IC Report: Cannibals turn on each other. Brennan is going down.