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Android : The targeting of EU27 citizens in the UK election is cheap populism from politicians who know better, but don't seem to care about the consequences.

EU citizens living in the UK pay taxes & contribute to the NHS. Many work for the NHS or in social care.…

Android : When Prince Andrew was sitting for car-crash interview about Epstein, Fergie was at the charity summit for Saudi crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

β€œEveryone has been so nice here in Riyadh; I think that comes from good leadership,” Fergie to Arab News.…

Android : But I thought corporation tax cuts raised money? At least that’s the line that’s been used to justify all the others...…

Android : A small 2019 thing I don’t understand is how the Telegraph has a Europe editor who just logs on to Twitter every day and explains how the Telegraph is wrong about Brexit.…

Android : Happy Independence Day, Latvia!
Sveicam dzimőanas dienā, Latvija!
Did you know that the Latvian flag πŸ‡±πŸ‡» is one of the oldest in the world?
It dates back to the 13th century and symbolises the fight for freedom.

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Android : We missed this beauty from CCHQ Press Office today: the old myth of foreign criminals from the EU.
They really rolled out all the disproven xenophobic myths today.
The Govts own expert migration report states:
There is no evidence that migration has affected crime


Twitter Web App : Ultimately this argument always ends the same way because the idea that people who are anti-EU are more in favour of non-EU migration that people who are pro-EU is a total lie

Twitter Web App : This is also such a spurious point because it assumes that being in a political union with Bulgaria and Slovenia, having shared European citizenship, has no meaning whatsoever - at which point you could just as well question why we have free movement between Scotland and England

Twitter Web App : Okay, then stop treating people from Bangladesh and Singapore so badly? Literally nothing stopping you from giving them more rights if you're actual concern is equality.

If you're actual concern is putting in place more anti-migrant policies, however, then your position works.…

Twitter Web App : The French police do bad things but when it comes to Gilets Jaunes, you need the context that these people will just attack things at random, like this car (which ceased production in 2004 and is hardly a symbol of wealth)…

Twitter Web App : Today we launch our website - a tool to help our communtities across the UK boost voter turnout.

Ours is a simple, unique idea: we don't want you to sign up to a mailing list or get your details. The materials are free, open-source and for everybody /1

Twitter Web App : My Romanian dad worked in the NHS in the 1990s. My Romanian mum worked in a GP practice before returning to Romania recently. We all paid taxes and NI. Hearing this "EU migrants do not pay in the NHS" campaign rhetoric is upsetting and disgusting.

Twitter Web App : Does a government minister seriously believe that migrants do not pay tax? That is either indisputable evidence of woeful incompetence or deliberate deception. Neither is good.…

Twitter Web App : "It is not only the national parties that are at fault when it comes to division. Many ordinary people are equally loath to openly help other parties than their own..."
Elite partisanship is only sustainable if it draws on wider (though not always congruent) political tribalisms…