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Twitter Web App : A no-deal Brexit would be catastrophic for British farming. Were calling for an urgent review of the governments no-deal trade tariff schedule. Heres why...

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Android : When people start throwing bricks through windows with the word "traitor" on it then don't tell me or anyone else that analogies with Germany in the 1930s are exaggerated.…

Android : Why would Remainers vote for the Deal in order to satisfy the referendum vote when Leavers are shouting that it doesn't satisfy the referendum vote?…

Android : The word 'equal' wasn't a throwaway you can ignore - your argument, which you repeat again, is that there deliberately shouldn't be equality between native-born and immigrants.

If it's so crazy then do you believe we should strip Commonwealth migrants of their voting rights?…

Android : Grateful to Kate for demonstrating the difference between the left's vision of open borders and the right's vision of liberal immigration - whether or not you treat migrants as equal human beings…

Android : The idea of a conflict between patriotism and globalism is false and dangerous. 21st century patriotism must have a global dimension, if it is not to become national egoism. The love of one’s homeland cannot become hatred towards one's neighbours. #UNGA

Android : The central premise of Brexit β€” that Europe was falling apart β€” was wrong. My latest on what lies at the heart of the Brexit crisis.…

Android : With each passing day, the Conservative Party is mirroring the Republican Party ever the more. They’re willing to tolerate a leader who does things/says things they never would have been willing to countenance previously just because they think he’ll bring them electoral success.