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iPhone : Phil Riley Oh that’s really interesting, thanks. Hadn’t considered that there is a big drop off rate for A levels at state school, so that makes sense. Thanks.

iPhone : Just think about that stat for a moment. You’re still FOUR times as likely to go to Oxbridge from private school under this ‘cap’.

Do we think someone with A*A*A* from private school is FOUR times as talented as someone with A*AA from state school? Or could they be comparable?

iPhone : ... it is still the case that private schools train their pupils for months to pass the admission tests. It is only right that Oxbridge tries to see beyond that and looks at the raw talent of each candidate as best they can. That’s not “penalising” private school pupils.

iPhone : Oxbridge does have some good access schemes and I actually think the interview process has some advantages for state pupils - allows you to be more than just a list of results and show a bit of edge. BUT...

Twitter for iPad : Scandalous that these days going to private school only QUADRUPLES your chance of getting into Oxbridge.

I really must learn to play the violin to accompany these increasingly ridiculous headlines.

iPhone : WATCH: Boris Johnson tells Robert Peston that the UK won’t be paying the £39bn divorce bill if we leave the EU without a deal. He wouldn’t be drawn on an alternative sum.

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Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson seems to have massively slashed the odds on a No Deal Brexit:

26th June - "a million to one"

25th August - "touch and go" (h/t Vicki Young)

iPhone : Philip Hammond writes to Boris Johnson demanding he withdraw the accusation that a former minister leaked documents detailing the impact of No Deal. Hammond says given the document dates from August, it would have been impossible for someone like him to leak it.…

iPhone : NEW: President Trump on Boris Johnson and Brexit

“He needs no advice. He's the right man for the job. I've been saying that for a long time. It didn’t make your predecessor very happy. But I've been saying it for a long time: He's the right man for the job.”

iPhone : That interview with Barry Gardiner confirms that some opposition parties are more interested in fighting one another than fighting No Deal.

All allows Boris Johnson a bit of breathing space, for now.

iPhone : NEW: Labour’s Barry Gardiner says his party’s idea of a temporary government is “a fail safe procedure to stop No Deal”.

But then lays in to Jo Swinson, calling her “petulant” for rejecting Corbyn as the leader, which would suggest one major failure in the approach. #ridge

iPhone : Poll out tonight by Opinium finds that when it comes to the impact of a No Deal Brexit on Britain:

✅37% believe it’d be positive

❌35% believe it’d be negative

...Britain just as split as ever then.