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Twitter Web App : This is no 'farewell gift' from Theresa May; it is an insult. Firefighters are other public sector workers have endured a decade of pay restraint and financial hardship thanks to the Tories' zeal for austerity. We won't be bought off this cheaply.…

Android : Footage of the International Brigades British Battalion returning home after fighting in the #SpanishCivilWar, December 1938. Arriving at Victoria Station, they were greeted by #LabourParty leaders including Clement Attlee, Stafford Cripps and Herbert Morrison (Philosophy Football).

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Android : Appalling. Republican senators block bid to establish compensation fund for 9/11 responders. Many of these responders (including firefighters) are sick or dying as a result of their heroics.…

Twitter Web App : Dinzo I'm willing to bet that in 30 years' time this young officer will be able to look back on his contribution to society with a much greater sense of pride than you ever will.

Android : Agreed. It is lazy and trite to attribute serious crime to poverty/austerity etc. The subject requires more thoughtful analysis. People were infinitely poorer in the 1930s, but violent crime was much less common then. It's about much more than economics.…

Twitter Web App : "We need to defend the right to express dissenting views throughout the labour movement" -- Paul Embery is right, and he has been treated unfairly. But it's also no longer clear precisely what the 'labour movement' is. or what it hopes to achieve.…

Android : Paul Embery I was there, and I took your excellent speech to be your own personal opinion. At no point did I think it had anything to do with the FBU. As did most of the crowd, probably.

Android : Paul Embery If you gave a speech but inserted “with the exception of the FBU” or similar after or before EVERY criticism of Remainer positions it would satisfy the compliance requirement of the chargesheet, be the height of political comedy, and clearly bring the FBU into disrepute. Bonkers.

Android : Here again is the complaint that led to my 2-year debarment from office. FBU leaders are claiming that I was not sanctioned for airing a dissenting view. Their claim is simply unsustainable.

We need to defend the right to express dissenting views throughout the labour movement.

Android : Fires are a storm of toxic chemicals which can have serious long-term health impacts. To take so little action on the exposure of firefighters and the #Grenfell community to this risk is shameful.

Android : I have listened to every word of this speech. Where, Fire Brigades Union, does Emberry bring the union into disrepute? Rather, too many union leaders bring their unions into disrepute by turning their backs on the biggest democratic mandate in history.…

Android : GRANT MAYOS It was deemed that in publicly stating that labour movement leaders trying to keep us in the EU had put themselves on the side of the establishment over the people, I had acted prejudicially to the interests of the FBU. Even though I wasn't even speaking for the FBU at the time.