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Twitter Web App : Dear Fire Brigades Union. Remember you kicked me out of office for publicly warning labour movement leaders that their decision to take the side of the establishment over the people on Brexit would make them less relevant? Do you think that, you know, I might have since been vindicated?

Twitter Web App : The labour movement must now regroup, avoid sectarianism and recriminations where possible, and begin a debate about why we haemorrhaged support in working-class heartlands. But that debate must be *brutally* honest. Otherwise we will end up making the same mistakes next time.

Twitter Web App : Among those who warned repeatedly that Labour's zealous promotion of open-borders liberal cosmopolitanism combined with its attempt to block Brexit would lead to a collapse in working-class support across its heartlands were Blue Labour and spiked. Both called it right.

iPhone : Labour cannot simply be a party of big cities and university towns. Nor just a party of the young. Or a party of devoted Remainers. We must be a party of labour. A party close to working class people. People we haven’t listened to or respected enough.…

Twitter Web App : If only more Labour activists had listened to people like ⁦Paul Embery⁩ and looked beyond their London cosmopolitan woke bubble then maybe things could have been so different

iPhone : This was Polly Toynbee in the Guardian earlier this year, ridiculing the idea that the northern heartlands would abandon Labour. These chattering class metro-liberals were allowed to dictate Labour policy on Brexit and so much else. Look where it got us.…

Twitter Web App : My first thoughts for @UnHerd on the election:

"Labour’s meltdown in its heartlands will come as no surprise to anyone who wasn’t blinded by ideology or fanaticism... The party was losing a cultural war that it didn’t even realise it was fighting."…

Twitter Web App : Paul Embery You've been predicting all of this for years Paul.
You were right. We all knew you were right.

Twitter Web App : That’s because he knows his stuff, the Fire Brigades Union have lost an EC official that was switched on, had there finger on the pulse and could see the general public were not happy with how they were being treated. Without democracy where would we be.…

Twitter Web App : Bassetlaw and Ashfield, both former mining areas in Nottinghamshire which voted Leave, fall to the Tories.

Twitter Web App : Laura Pidcock defeated by Tories in North-West Durham. Seat had been Labour since its recreation in 1950. Voted 55% Leave.