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Twitter Web App : “Those engaged in destroying British Parliamentary democracy by the acceptance of the European Communities Act in all its immeasurable undemocratic manifestations are in no position to lecture others about how to preserve British democracy.”

Michael Foot, 1973.

iPhone : “I am very proud to be a member of the Household Division. To be the first Sikh Guardsman to mount guard in a turban will be the best thing in my life, especially as a member of the Scots Guards.”

Respect. 👏👏👏…

iPhone : Insightful piece on the roots of Left-wing Euroscepticism.

“The left of the Labour party has always been distrustful of the EU as being a sort of capitalist club, very much oriented toward neoliberalism, against state aid, planning and nationalisation.”…

iPhone : Why is John McDonnell bemoaning Alastair Campbell’s expulsion from the Labour party? Campbell went on national TV and said he had supported another party in an election. It’s a no-brainier. If Campbell had any honour, he would have resigned his membership.

iPhone : Japan: where they don’t obsess about multiculturalism or diversity, where they control their borders, where they inspire patriotism and belonging among their people - yet remain one of the safest, cleanest, most civilised, prosperous and ordered nations on the planet. Discuss.

iPhone : “It’s vital that online platforms have effective moderation policies in place for tackling hateful narratives.”


“It’s vital that online platforms don’t help to propagate views we don’t agree with.”…

iPhone : It seems that honest debate and disagreement around contentious issues are, in this day and age, no longer permissible | Paul Embery…

Twitter Web App : Good luck with that line on the doorstep in your Doncaster constituency, Ed.…

Twitter Web App : Congratulations to David Shek on being elected as the FBU's executive council member for London. Not as good-looking as the previous fella, but he makes up for it in other ways.

Twitter Web App : Oh for crying out loud! Now these zealots have turned their guns on Mumsnet.


Twitter Web App : Stop Funding Hate Yeo Valley Stop trying to force decent and reputable companies out of business just because they exercise their right to advertise in mainstream newspapers whose views you don't like. You are a menace to a free society.