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Bio Sainty left the building...Mrs R walks out of the EU.
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Twitter for iPad : 🕌🕋United Nations launches 'war on free speech' 🕌🕋 Here we go again. Islam demanding any speech against Islam Be Punished 🕌🕋
🕌🕋 The Billion £$ Question Why Are Western Governments Appeasing Isloon ? 🕌🕋-…

Twitter for iPad : I bought a diesel car 7 years ago. Diesel was thought to be better for the environment, hence lower tax/fuel costs. Now I have a worthless car because of ultra-low emissions policies for health, not green, reasons. How many ppl have lost big money because we followed that advice?

Twitter for iPad : This process and "camps" were created before President Trump you failed to see that there was a crisis you said it was made up and you obstructed waited until 1000's were here, all THIS is on your hands Chuck time to shut your mouth and do something.

Twitter for iPad : I can't stand another second of this ludicrous stupidity. #Blocked…

Twitter for iPad : Buzz (89) clearly dislikes conspiracy theorists!…

Twitter for iPad : This is sickening! Local Farmer has fallen victim again to despicable sheep killers! Looks like an organised gang, killing to order! Cut throat, hang on tree to bleed & then butchered! 70 animals now! Police looking after a boat?! 🤬

Twitter for iPad : Norfolk is the place to be today people, nice and quiet.…