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iPhone : Johnson’s deal is a challenge for Johnson. But as I said earlier on ITV News there is genuinely a chance Johnson’s deal passes - and I never ever said that about any of Theresa May’s meaningful votes.

iPhone : that amendment as holding the feet to the flame of the Brexit Spartans. He won’t hate it, whatever his public position. Because the ERG Spartans will fear if they vote against the deal and the WAB, that Brexit delay and no Brexit will follow. Now, the DUP’s opposition to...

iPhone : The Saturday vote on Boris Johnson) 's Twitter Profile">Boris Johnson’s deal will be closer than people think. Around 18 or 19 of the Tory rebel exiles will vote for it, subject to a Letwin-ish amendment that the Benn Act applies till the whole of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill is law. Boris Johnson) 's Twitter Profile">Boris Johnson will see...

iPhone : To be clear, and as I said on Lunchtime News, it is EU leaders who decide whether there is a Brexit extension, not Juncker. And I expect ttem to say very little about possibility of another postponement of leaving day, because it is not something Boris Johnson will ever request!

Twitter Web App : So Jean-Claude Juncker at least has done Boris Johnson a huge favour by saying there will be no more Brexit delays, or what he calls "no prorogation". Johnson desperate for MPs to believe that if they reject his deal on Saturday, it's a no deal Brexit. But I am not sure they will buy this

iPhone : border poll under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement - which could see a vote for Northern Ireland to leave the UK and become part of the Republic of Ireland.

iPhone : Attached is the government’s response to the DUP’s critique of Johnson’s deal to keep open the border on the island of Ireland. But perhaps the more fundamental point is that ministers are concerned that if there were a no-deal Brexit, that would lead to a referendum - a...

iPhone : NEW: In her first TV interview since quitting Labour, Louise Ellman MP tells me she believes the party is now institutionally anti-Semitic.

I asked if she believes Jeremy Corbyn is himself anti-Semitic, she replied: I dont know what is in Jeremy Corbyns heart.

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iPhone : In further news from Sparta, the Spartan supplicants fear Boris Johnson does not have the time or space to grant them what they regard as their bare minimum, which is the immediate return of the primacy of UK law. So maybe the Gaukeward Squad have less to fear than they believe

iPhone : drive a coach and horses through the Withdrawal Agreement, as I mentioned. So would be a problem for both EU leaders and for rebel Tory MPs - though it would delight the Brexit Spartans. Details attached.

iPhone : On further inspection, what seems to be happening is that the automatic reassertion of the primacy of EU law during the implementation period would be switched off, so UK could in effect ignore any new EU laws that are passed during transition to full exit from EU. This would...

iPhone : point is not that this is definitely happening. It is that Tory rebels, the Gaukeward Squad, fear it is happening. As one told me “I would want to understand the implications before supporting a deal”. EU leaders may also want to understand it before agreeing a deal!

iPhone : altered to legislate for the immediate primacy of UK law over European law, which has been one of the Brexit Spartans’ main demands. However on the face of it this would be contrary to the spirit and letter of the Withdrawal Agreement reached with the EU. Now the important...