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Bio Running for president of the United States. Afghanistan vet, musician, businessman, husband to Chasten, and South Bends Mayor Pete. (BOOT-edge-edge)
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iPhone : The reviews are in and Pete Buttigieg’s new prescription drug plan is the boldest and most aggressive plan to tackle rising prices and affordability. Check out the headlines for yourself:…

Twitter Web App : All Americans should have the freedom to live and work without discrimination. Today, the Supreme Court will hear three cases that challenge that basic right for LGBTQ+ people. We deserve a Court that sees everyone and rules in favor of equality—for our generation and the next.

Twitter Web App : Children should be thinking about school, not how they’re going to pay for their future insulin needs. Our new prescription plan end the worry and lets our kids be kids:

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Twitter Web App : Today marks 18 years since the U.S. invaded Afghanistan.

There are now soldiers old enough to deploy who were born after September 11th. We should honor their courage and patriotism by putting an end to endless war.…

iPhone : Out-of-pocket-costs for prescription drugs in Pete Buttigieg’s Medicare for All Who Want It plan are capped at less than $250 per month. Learn more:

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Twitter Web App : This president’s shameful decision on Syria is the latest example of chaos masquerading as foreign policy. It goes against all military advice. It harms our national interests, emboldens our adversaries, and it will cost lives. The world urgently needs real American leadership.

iPhone : Like too many Americans, Sarah’s daily medication costs more than food or gas. That’s not right. Pete Buttigieg has a plan to lower prescription drug costs for all:

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Twitter Web App : Our new prescription drug plan ensures that quality, affordable medicine is within reach of every American—regardless of where they get their coverage. Read more here:

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TweetDeck : Rob spends his days helping patients think about drug pricing and affordability. Pete Buttigiegs plan makes co-payments $0 for those with low incomes on Medicare and Medicaid.

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Twitter Media Studio : Weve reached a breaking point: Medications in the U.S. are more expensive than anywhere else in the world. Thats why today I’m announcing Affordable Medicine for All, a plan to reduce Rx drug costs, take on drug companies, and encourage innovation:

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iPhone : Joshua Brown showed us what real courage looks like. Now we must show him and his family what real justice looks like. His murder must be investigated. We deserve answers.

iPhone : Today would have been Fannie Lou Hamer's 102nd birthday. We must honor her legacy by fighting to end suppression—by breaking down the barriers that make it harder for Black Americans to vote. As president, I will do everything in my power to protect that fundamental right.

iPhone : ICYMI: This week Pete Buttigieg met thousands in Sacramento, talked with Gabrielle Giffords and students from March For Our Lives about ending gun violence, spoke frankly about the legacy of racism with Indianapolis NAACP, and received a special homecoming from organizers in South Bend.

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iPhone : We need a president who will never again allow the marginalized to be pitted against each other—a president who will stand on the rubble of whats been done to our most cherished norms and institutions and lead us into a better era where everyones empowered and everyone belongs.

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iPhone : I want it said of my candidacy and of my presidency, not only that we strengthened Black America, but that we helped all of America understand that this nation is not what we think it is until equality is real.

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iPhone : This case threatens Roe v. Wade and it threatens women's ability to make their own decisions about their health.

And it shows exactly what's at stake in this election. We need a president who sees reproductive health as a national right, and is ready to protect that freedom.…

Twitter Web App : Once again, this president is attempting to fix a mess created by his own reckless policies. And once again, it’s too little too late for the Iowans who've already lost their jobs. We deserve better.…