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Twitter Web App : “The BBC debate was an utter shambles”

“The BBC has become a stop Boris Johnson Broadcasting Service.

“If they were running a newspaper, they would find themselves in the dock by now, because you have to check your sources otherwise the legal teams are on your neck” Iain Duncan Smith MP

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Twitter Web App : Delighted to have the support of over half of all Conservative MPs in the fourth ballot. I am incredibly grateful, but we have much more work to do.

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Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson supporter Damian Collins to talkRADIO: “We need someone who is committed to delivering Brexit and has an optimistic vision for our country... it’s not just that he’s ahead, he has drawn support from a wide group of MPs in the party which no one else has”

Twitter Web App : “Boris will be a very good Prime Minister, for a variety of reasons. He’ll take us out, but also he’ll give an upbeat tone to this Country. We have had two years of people doing the country down… Boris believes we’ve got a great future ahead of us” David Davis


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Twitter Web App : “Do you honestly think myself & the ERG would back Boris if we thought he wasnt going to deliver? Boris knows we must deliver”Andrea Jenkyns MP

Q: Not a scintilla of doubt that we’ll be out on 31st Oct?
A: I trust Boris to deliver Brexit
Q: By 31st Oct?
A: 100%

#Peston #BackBoris

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Twitter Web App : Thank you once again to friends and colleagues for your support in the third ballot - especially on my birthday! We’ve come a long way but we have much further to go.

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Twitter Web App : Another solid advance for Johnson. Can the party unite after this? Of course. And the 4 week contest -if Boris is lucky enough to get there, will be a great opportunity to go out and espouse modern conservatism, after which we come together again and seize the opportunities ahead

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Twitter Web App : “Boris Johnson has said that if he is elected our prime minister and our leader, he will leave by 31st October no ifs, no buts”
@Borisjohnson supporter, cabinet member, and Chief Secretary to the Treasury Liz Truss tells BBCPM

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Twitter Web App : Only Boris Johnson can and will deliver Brexit by 31st October.

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Twitter Web App : “Boris will make sure we leave the EU on time and move on to uniting the country behind a positive programme where everyone can benefit from the UK’s success.”

I agree with Dominic Raab, a great candidate in this contest.…

Twitter Web App : .Boris Johnson says the UK must come out of the EU by the 31 October

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Twitter Web App : Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is in prison because of the criminal regime which runs Iran, not because of Boris. Why is the left so keen to defend the Iranian Government? #BackBoris #BBCOurNextPM

Twitter Web App : Super proud of Dominic Raab for his campaign - principled, honest, and ambitious for our country throughout. I genuinely believe this is only the beginning and he will no doubt have a huge role in what comes next. But for this campaign: over and out!

Twitter Web App : Boris is the only candidate who can deliver Brexit by October 31st, deal or no deal

#BackBoris #BBCOurNextPM

Twitter Web App : The only candidate who has a record of delivering for working people is Boris Johnson. As Mayor of London he slashed council tax by 10% and he expanded the London living wage. #BlueCollarConservatism #BackBoris Back Boris 👦🏼👍🏻 #BBCOurNextPM

Twitter Web App : Boris is absolutely right to say we must leave on 31 October or face a catastrophic loss of confidence in our democracy #BackBoris #BBCDebate