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Twitter Web App : California has just become the 1st U.S. state to ban fur sales 👏 so now it’s the UK’s turn to become the 1st country in the world 🌍 to ban fur sales. Sign our #FurFreeBritain petition today and help us end the cruelty! 🐰🦊

iPhone : @asw2belle Thank you. I didn’t think you were rude. I have no problem with aspirational compassionate capitalism..but I have huge problems with Trump capitalism. When I’m at deaths door I will examine my capacity for love not money.

iPhone : EMERGENCY 🚨 🐽 we’ve also been asked to save these pigs from an horrific #AnimalAbuse case. They’ve lived in this state their whole lives & we are their last hope .. PLEASE PLEASE RT & Donate so we can bring them home #pigs more here ▶️…

iPhone : @asw2belle You will never have socialism in America..your democrats are more right wing than our conservatives. Socialism in its purest form is an equal chance for all..what’s wrong with that?

Twitter Web App : I am filming in Bristol soon...must pay a visit...brilliant news (-:)…

Twitter Web App : Thank you ⁦Extinction Rebellion ⌛️⁩ for this beautiful oak tree. Planting & protecting trees here & overseas - on a much, much bigger scale is a critically important part of tackling the environment and climate crisis. #ReforestEarth

Twitter Web App : This shames South Africa, it shames the world that we stand by & let it happen. I hate it also when the term traditional Chinese medicine is used in this context..I thought TCM is supposed to be non invasive? This trade feeds greedy psychopaths on all levels. #BanTropyHunting…

Twitter Web App : Everyone deserves a little fun in life, even stray dogs. Eugene Bostick, an 80-year-old retiree, noticed that people were abandoning their elderly dogs near his his barn in Texas so he took them in, built a train to take them out on excursions and the rest is history!! ❤ ❤ 🐾

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Twitter Web App : 🐕🐶💕Separation anxiety can be displayed in many ways, but as it usually only occurs when the owner is out and stops when they return, it often goes unnoticed. Be #DogKind this #WorldMentalHealthDay and learn to spot the obvious and hidden signs:

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