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Twitter Web App : Glad to see that both this "story" has been removed from the Sun website and th "research" it was based on has been taken down. But seriously how did one of Britain's biggest papers run a version of what was originally called "the Traitor's Chart"?…

Twitter Web App : I see Thomas Borwick - ex CA, CTO Vote Leave, current local Conservative association vice chair - has been buying more odd Facebook ads. (Thread). If you live in Scotland you might have seen these anti-Lib Dem (and pro-SNP) ads:

iPhone : We're having an election in 4 days. But we still don't know if our leaders have presided over corruption, fraud, racism and a host of other charges. We urgently need answers.

Pls sign & RT widely - 5k have joined, let's double it before polls open!…

iPhone : ‘Can I have a beard trim, please?’ *Barber proceeds to tear my mien like it’s a sheep being sheared, except misses lots more than any lamber would*

Twitter Web App : Roland Smith Ha! It currently feels like the Tories are trying to ride both 'Global Britain' and state intervention simultaneously. I think cronyist market interventions - like free ports - are very likely, rather than an actual free market turn, if that makes sense. Which is very USA 2016

Twitter Web App : Roland Smith Daily Mail Online Oh yes I totally get the demographic shift but I am wondering about the policy implications. Like the whole 'freeports' is being aggressively sold in Middlesborough - and by all accounts is cutting through w/voters - so I'm wondering if they do ditch the Thatcherite Larping

Twitter Web App : Roland Smith Daily Mail Online I've been wondering about this too but I'm not so sure. The free market liberal-type future is clearly the ideological path of least resistance inside Conservative party. Will winning working class seats really change that? Where will countervailing policy come from?

Twitter Web App : Four days before polls open in probably the most significant British election in a general, *this* is a news line. (Apparently there was no 2012 baby boom either. If newspapers won't fact check politicians they can't wail at Facebook for not doing same)…

Nuzzel : Psst... Do us a favour... Give a share. It'd be great if we could get another thousand users in marginal constituencies in the final week.

Thanks for all your support!

iPhone : The polls are still giving a very mixed picture of #GE2019 (not unlike the wide range in May’s European Parliament elections). When all is said and done it might be time for a period of reflection on the methodological reasons for this.