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Twitter for iPad : This piece of art hanging in a Termianl Pier caught my attention back in the ‘90’s 😳 #aviation #aviationphotography #Airport

Twitter for iPad : Duty Manager called 1 Saturday ‘A 146 jas gone down a hole’.
It had! Rarely post images of incidents etc. but a Pax in Terminal sent an image to the Press, altho I was quizzed.Too busy on Ramp and photo taken from elevated terminal floor #aviation #Pilot #planespotting Markymark

Twitter for iPad : Found print of Tu-154 from Zhukovsky: nothing exceptional, altho after long stay, taxied to Hold, requested engine run; all 3 taken individually to take-off pwr for sometime, belching black smoke and setting off noise complaints from locals! Scott Bateman #planespotting

Twitter for iPad : Mib Well Mib, as you know, walk in on a new day and expect a surprise or two! This is when airbridge met vehicle; think Bond store delivery truck. Nothing like keeping your 👀 wide open and double checking the surrounding area😉

Twitter for iPad : Scott Bateman Better still, sort your Visaand be there from Aug 27th - Sept 1st as the famous MAKS Airshow takes place at Zhukovsky👍. You can even take you phone and take photos😜

Twitter for iPad : Scott Bateman C’mon Scott the Avgeek! The Ural A.321 departed Zhukovsky when it had the birdstrike yesterday. No idea when the Google image was taken, however I would imagine most of what you see is there. So get to Simferopol and buy a Ural a/l ticket to Moscow😍

Twitter for iPad : Mib Now that it wouldn’t! Bad enough when airbridges bend doors and belt loaders put holes in airframe skins 😫

Twitter for iPad : Mib Forget the the baggage bin, wing would go over - but the Deck loader...Crunch💥

Twitter for iPad : Shuttleworth Please do. Whilst Husky is not a Microlight, I am a member of a Microlight Club that arranges Summer evening BBQ fly-ins.
Let’s just say the weather has not been generous this year 😏

Twitter for iPad : TU154 visited from Zhukovsky when it was little known in the west. Flight plan outbound only went to Soviet UIR boundary with no other detail. In light of Ural crash, just looked on Google Earth, what a collection of airframes Scott Bateman #planespotting

Twitter for iPad : Shuttleworth It was in my diary to fly-in, however.....🌨 🌧 ⛈ , so 🛩 is staying in the hangar. Have a good evening👍

Twitter for iPad : Youtube failure? Arrival at the LAA Rally last uear is there somewhere!