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Twitter Web App : I ditched the wobble lines in the final one because at that point, I felt I didn't need them any more.

Twitter Web App : I just remembered playing this game and its soundtrack, and it never fails to have me in goddamn tears just by the final few tracks...โ€ฆ

Twitter Web App : So one of the problems I find with the painting style is that it can be easy to spend too long on one innocuous part of the image only to zoom and and curse yourself that you now have to put that level of detail into the entire image... Ooops.

Twitter Web App : Retweeting my own reply because I don't know if twitter would put that at the top of timelines for followers or not, how do I twitter?โ€ฆ

Android : Phantom I was thinking that the cyan coloured cylinders were hinges for the wings so they can adjust the angles of their props that way. No reason they can't fold up. Also no reason why one of the pair can't start upside down...

Twitter Web App : If you have CSP or some other program that can recognise and position .obj files here's a link to it:

Note, if you use CSP, for some reason when you drag it in it defaults to 100x size, so change that down to 1x, then register it as a material.

Twitter Web App : So Ive been designing my own take on the Tape-Buddy auto-taper thing that Ive seen in various places on the internet and I wanted to update the design somewhat to make it feel a bit bigger to contain all of its tape and also some way of showing how it moves. Heres my take:

Twitter Web App : All you other sharks have families and your 9 to 5 jobs, but theres only one way to be the big fish in this world