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iPhone : “Stop. Grow up. Show some decency.” Sully Sullenberger with some good advice for those immature enough to make fun of a stutter -…

TweetDeck : I met a guy this week in Iowa who was torn between Buttigieg, Sanders and Steyer. Said he’d probably go Steyer in 1st round, then one of the other two in 2nd round when Steyer didn’t meet threshold.…

TweetDeck : Honest question: What happens to the Supreme Court while Roberts is presiding in the Senate? Are arguments delayed? Rescheduled for Feb or later?

TweetDeck : Talked to a bunch of Iowa Dem voters over the last few days. They’re acutely aware of the flaws each front-running candidate has -…

TweetDeck : Kentucky lawmakers are considering ending odd-year Gov elections. First even-year election would happen in 2028 if it passes -…

TweetDeck : Correction on Trump’s job approval: He’s at 48 approve, 49 disapprove. I was looking at the wrong date.…

TweetDeck : Treasury Department investigating Opportunity Zone tax breaks that have become a big windfall for wealthy investors -…

TweetDeck : New York is the 10th state to allow adopted adults unrestricted access to their original birth certificates. New law scrapped restrictions in effect since the 1930s -…

TweetDeck : Sen. Kelly Loeffler already has a leadership PAC to back her campaign (I thought she was going to self-fund, but what do I know)…

TweetDeck : States with the highest percentage of physically inactive adults:
MS 33%
AR 32.5
KY 32.2
AL 31
LA 30.9
OK 30.2
TN 30
WV 29.8
NJ 28.7
GA 28.5

Lowest percentage of physically inactive adults:
CO 17.3%
WA 18.3
UT 18.6
OR 19.2
DC 19.8
AK 20.3
CA 20.4
VT 20.5…

TweetDeck : IL House Speaker Mike Madigan spent $445k on legal fees in the last few months of 2019 -…

TweetDeck : Milwaukee has asked the feds for a $50 million grant to cover security costs at 2020 Dem convention. Congress approved $100m, half goes to Charlotte for GOP convention -…

TweetDeck : WISCONSIN WH’2020 poll (Marquette, trend from Dec):
Biden 49 (+2)
Trump 45 (-1)

Sanders 47 (+2)
Trump 46 (-1)

Trump 48 (+3)
Warren 45 (+1)

Trump 46 (+2)
Buttigieg 44 (+1)

Trump 44 approve (-2), 52 disapprove (+0)…

TweetDeck : Only a tiny number of state capitol buildings have statues of actual women (rather than mythical figures): CT, UT, WY, HI, AR, AL, IL, OK, NE and soon MD -…

TweetDeck : TX Gov. Greg Abbott has $32m in the bank for a (presumed) re-election bid that’s 2+ years away -…