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Twitter Web App : President Trump: I think mail-in voting is horrible, its corrupt.

Reporter: You voted by mail in Floridas election last month, didnt you?

Trump: Sure. I can vote by mail

Reporter: How do you reconcile with that?

Trump: Because Im allowed to.

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Twitter Web App : When asked about Wisconsin’s long voting lines today, Trump said “I don’t know anything about their lines. I don’t know anything about their voting. I love the state. I won the state.

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Twitter Web App : Asked how he defends voting by mail himself a few weeks ago in the Florida primary given that he says voting by mail is corrupt, Trump has no answer.

iPhone : Hadn’t seen this at the time, but Chuck Johnson is suing the Huffington Post for calling him a white nationalist.…

Twitter Web App : There's going to be a lot of civil rights clean-up to do when this is over, but what kind of asshole cop could be this fucking stupid?…

Twitter Web App : WOW. Fifth Circuit relies heavily on SCOTUS Jacobson case (permitting mandatory smallpox vaccinations) to conclude:
"Jacobson instructs that all constitutional rights may be reasonably restricted to combat a public health emergency."…

iPhone : A health system official defended firing Seattle ER doctor Ming Lin for criticizing hospital’s #COVID19 protective measures, complete with one of the worst and least apt fire-in-a-crowded-theater invocations you’ll ever see.…

Twitter Web App : Working from home day 18:

Will science ever explain the mysterious force field that prevents children from putting their dishes in the fucking dishwasher instead of leaving them in the sink? Only shouting will lead us to the answer