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iPhone : This is truly disgusting behavior and the American people deserve better. I encourage the Dems to stop the showboating and use their time to get to work for this country!

iPhone : As already shown by today’s kabuki theater masquerading as a Congressional hearing, Rep. Nadler and the Dems continue to abuse their powers to harass the President and all associated with him.

WH Digital : Wheels up to California, where President Donald J. Trump is delivering BIG results! 🇺🇸

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iPhone : POTUS just touched down in the great state of New Mexico whose state motto is “it grows as it goes”—and so has its economy! Donald J. Trump is looking forward to his first visit as President!…

iPhone : New Mexico is WINNING under President Donald J. Trump.

By the numbers:

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WH Digital : Wheels up to the Land of Enchantment! Since President Donald J. Trump’s election, New Mexico has seen nearly 35,000 NEW jobs, the unemployment rate is DOWN, and business creation is THRIVING—with business applications UP 29%!

iPhone : His dedication, hard work, and belief in his student’s talent has led his poorly resourced school in Kenya to emerge victorious after taking on the country’s best schools in national science competitions.

Peter, you inspire us all! Thank you for your commitment to your students.

iPhone : This morning, President Donald J. Trump met with Peter Tabichi, the recipient of the 2019 Global Teacher Prize! Peter is a science teacher who gives away 80% of his monthly income to help the poor in his home country of Kenya.

iPhone : Today starts the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. Under the Trump Administration, the Hispanic unemployment rate has been at a historic low (4.2% last month) and the economy has enabled more Hispanic Americans to achieve the American Dream. Wishing everyone a blessed month!

iPhone : To the men and women of the #USBP Border Patrol: Thank you for putting yourself in harms way everyday to keep us all safe. Your dedication and sacrifice is inspiring. I am proud of each of you and you all have our full support. #HonorFirst

WH Digital : 🚨150🚨

Yesterday, the Senate confirmed President Donald J. Trump’s 150th judicial nominee!

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iPhone : ✅ On Thursday, POTUS revoked the Obama-era WOTUS rule—ending burdensome regulatory confusion for farmers and developers

President Trump continues working hard for the American people every day! 🇺🇸

iPhone : A busy week for President Donald J. Trump!

✅ On Monday, new data showed that negotiations with Mexico are resulting in a huge drop in illegal border crossings

✅ On Tuesday, President Trump became the first POTUS to speak at the HBCU Week conference