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Android : Corolla Vs Gclass painting,
My favourite wallpaper (home-made wallpaper)
#corolla #benz #art #Cars #carwallpaper #wallpaper
#CONFINEMENTJOUR8 #staysafe #COVID19 #duringmy14dayquarantine

iPhone : Mubuzima💔,Rest easy lion😭

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Android : Check my animation made with #FlipaClip

Download Free -

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Android : 26 years after the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, see the faces and hear the stories of survivors on Tuesdays International Day of Reflection. #Kwibuka

iPhone : You in my shoes? This is a poem i did to honour and commemorate all innocent tutsi souls that had to be a victim of hatred, this was such a shame to humanity,never agn #Kwibuka26 , #rwot , #neveragaingenocide , #humanity1st, Spoken Word Rwanda , Kwibuka Rwanda , Ubumuntu Arts Festival

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Android : It’s that time of the year again,the nights are longer,the hearts are heavier. As we start our commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda let’s remember to be respectful,thoughtful and easy on each other #Kwibuka26

Android : #SafeHands  challenge accepted. Thank you First Lady of Rwanda & Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Indeed hand washing is crucial to preventing the spread of #COVID19. I also challenge my Sisters, Excellencies Anna Hakobyan Rebecca Akufo-Addo Kim Simplis Barrow sika kaboré
World Health Organization (WHO) Union for International Cancer Control

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Android : Chriss younger sister collapsed and died earlier today, due to this Im going off line for a few days as the virus has now landed on our own doorsteps and its a surprise when it happens, even when expecting it. So if it appears Im ignoring you please forgive me. Take care

Fine Art America : New artwork for sale! - Celebration -… @fineartamerica : She Venom by Opi: The work put into this Marvel inspired piece is hard to capture with a meager photo. She Venom by Opi will make you fall in love with the character through thoughtful and inspiring detail. #ART

Android : Truth be told guys. Someone in government is tired of Sonko Rescue Team always stealing the show.
Why arrest innocent volunteers who have been carrying out fumigation exercises and distribution of food and other essentials to residents of Nairobi County? #FreeSonkoRescueTeam

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Android : Some of us were young some of us were not yet born but history of our motherland never dies we all know what happened in 1994 .
Hora Rwanda Hora Rwanda



Android : Muri ibi bihe twatangiye gahunda zo #Kwibuka26 Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi mu Rwanda ku nshuro ya 26, twibuke kandi twiyubaka.

Android : VIDEO: “The current unusual circumstances will not prevent us from fulfilling our obligation to commemorate this solemn anniversary, honour those we lost and console survivors.”
President Kagame message for #Kwibuka26 (1/2)

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Twitter Web App : The wonderful Willow, finished painting. Oil on board. #artists, #contemporaryart, #dailypainter, #dog, #britishart

Twitter Web App : Visual storytelling of one kind or another has been around since cavemen were drawing on the walls.

Twitter Web App : Yay! Born in My Heart, written by Charlotte Coles and Dixie Phillips has been released! A special book about being chosen into a family. #SCBWI #kidlit #childrensbooks #picturebook #picturebookart #scbwi_il #childrensbookillustration

Android : Why do the test in Africa after all the whole body system is same. See from this photo #vaccine

Twitter for iPad : The simple life its about recognizing what is truly important to you, and leaving the rest in the back.

📷 Jamie Heiden

SumAll : Todays featured product - Paul Cezanne Rainbow Mountain Mens Swim Trunk. Available at:….
Posted via SumAll…

Instagram : “The Summertime’s Escaping”” oil on canvas 50x50cm titled from a Sandy Denny song. It’s available from my web site or make me an offer! Free UK postage too.


Hootsuite Inc. : Dont miss - Barbara Krajewska at FIAC de Barcelona 20-30 May 2020 by Beata Piechocka,…,
#barbarakrajewska #barcelona #europeanart #oryginalart #paintings #bearte #beartegallery #article #artnews #artworld

Android : Hello tweethearts, Im your favorite online shoemaker😉 My main account @jdsteps2 was blocked, hopefully i get it soon, but meanwhile

This is my second account and i follow back, so please retweet till it gets to my last customers please 😭🙏🙏🙏

Android : Retweet for every 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi victims, Their hearts were heavier, their ways were far, their nights were longer, they had no options, they were in darkness, but today we are seeds radiated from their roots. lets strive to remember, unit and renew

Android : The University of Rwanda joins the entire Rwandan community and the world in commemorating for the 26th time the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi which claimed over 1 million lives. Remember, Unite, Renew. #Kwibuka26

Android : Today, on #WorldHealthDay, The Queen has sent a message to healthcare professionals across the Commonwealth and around the world, on behalf of The Royal Family. 🌍🏥

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iPhone : I was sadened by the ongoing sad realities of 2020 (covid19/deaths etc..) until Himself Super King Kong followed me 😍😍😍😊😊 ,this cheered😂😂 me up big time❤ thank you Super Manager , i am very much looking forward to meet you . Super Manager (2Ten)

Instagram : Work continues; adding little details to my Venice, Italy canal piece... really enjoying the process on this one...

#savvypalette #fineart #venicecanals #veniceitaly🇮🇹 #originalart #acrylicpainting #artcollector……

Android : Iranian artist Ali Akbar Beigi in the process of precision paintings

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