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Bio Professor of Particle Physics at The University of Manchester and The Royal Society Professor for Public Engagement in Science.
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iPhone : Jay... I’m just saying a time interval which is short when compared to some characteristic timescale for the replenishment of atoms in the system.

iPhone : 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0... Lift-off

50 years ago, #Apollo12 was struck by lightning twice, seconds after launch. A flight controllers quick action restored systems to normal, and the mission was successfully guided to land on the Moons Ocean of Storms. Watch:

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iPhone : Pete Conrad, Dick Gordon and Al Bean: all navy crew to moon landing. All corvette drivers on Earth. May you all be zooming around our universe on this 50th Anniversary!

#ApolloXII #Apollo50

Twitter Web App : Will Bott I think this is absolutely right. Particularly the point that a simple majority should not be sufficient to strip people of acquired rights.

iPhone : Rehearsing with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra for an evening exploring what it means to live finite lives on a fragile, rare world adrift in an infinite Universe. Music by Mahler, Sibelius and a ‘A Brief History of Time’ by Paul Dean. First night tomorrow :-)

Twitter Web App : Enjoy a good #mystery? 🔎 We’re on a quest to understand the #Mars methane mystery. Latest update: the June detection by Curiosity Rover was not seen by @Esa Mars Express or #ExoMars ExoMars orbiter  🧐 
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iPhone : I don’t understand these numbers. The loss of these rights is probably the most damaging and resented aspect of Brexit for millions of people across the U.K. and Europe. And yet 2/3 of voters do not want to lose them. It doesn’t make sense.…