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iPhone : This piece is excellent and does a deep dive on the research on ‘weathering’ and its effect on maternal mortality. I have been citing that same research here in recent days to talk about the challenges of weight loss among Black women.…

iPhone : This Elizabeth Warren answer was quite a moment at CNN #EqualityTownHall

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iPhone : Boots2Asses! I didn’t say Trump caused weight issues. I was using him as shorthand to talk about how racial stress affects weight loss. The research says continued racial stress causes Black people’s metabolism to work differently often making weight loss harder. That is all.

iPhone : All I’mma say to conclude is. Black people will take responsibility to try to fix ourselves to the point of killing our selves for problems we didn’t create. Pointing out that we didn’t create the problems doesn’t make me lazy or wrong.

iPhone : Laying our credentials doesn’t help because social media don’t give AF about credentials, and my fat body overrides this PhD and these 38 years of navigating the world in some version of this body. This morning it’s on my nerves.

iPhone : And I can deal with that from white folks all day. But the unloving ways Black folks have internalized the rhetoric of personal responsibility and their ready willingness sometimes to weaponize it against those of us who push back be too much.

iPhone : It’s all too complicated to work out on here. But sometimes figuring out effective ways to communicate complicated ideas to the public when they have contend with your embodiment (or feel it is a point of contention) is real hard.

iPhone : Pointing out racism is not the same as not taking responsibility. And these folks got me over here feeling like maybe I am just copping out. Because when is shit ever easier for Black folks?

iPhone : My weight. Apparently to Black folks, my structural arguments about weight suggest that as one person says ‘I’m the wrong person to talk about it’ because I am not taking responsibility. Do y’all know how bad I wanna cuss?

iPhone : My mother had me at 18 and by herself raised a daughter who became a PhD at 28 in a state that is consistently one of the poorest in the union and in a place that is Trump country. What about my life suggests that I give in to what racism says about me?

iPhone : Those of you who have read #EloquentRage know some of my story. And therefore you know, that so many other Black people, ‘all my life I done had to fight.’ I don’t want to disrespect the audience trying to grapple with what I said. But dude.

iPhone : And Black people, many of whom I don’t think are trying to be mean, keep tweeting me about how I’m blaming the system. And what I want to own is that the accusation is so ridiculous that what I wanna do is clap hard.