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iPhone : The way I run MY congressional office is how ALL businesses should operate. Tons of paid time off, short days, long breaks, high salaries, huge budget, no profit. And the boss should make $200k/yr but HATE capitalism. If I can afford all this then small business owners can too!

Twitter Web App : The more we hear from Adam Schiff, the more the GOP is getting unified against this partisan charade!

iPhone : Troops praying may God grant our heart desires according to your wishes,God bless America

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iPhone : BRAVO Sir! Its about Time that Someone calls these Liars out & Uncovers Who they Really Are!
#NoNadsNadler #JerryTheJoke #NuttyNadler
White House Counsel Nukes Jerry Nadler: ‘This Is the United States Senate. You’re Not in Charge Here.’ bit.ly/30GPym9 via Breitbart News

iPhone : He is not a volunteer.

Get your facts straight before virtue signaling on journalism ethics.

He is a PAID staffer for the campaign. The State Director is locking their accounts right now.

Methinks more state directors are about to lock their accounts. #elections2020 twitter.com/cabot_phillips…

Android : CNN only “fact checks” Republicans.  You have to ask yourself why any Republican would bother to appear on this Democrat Party-propaganda machine.

iPhone : Drink This at 7 AM For More Energy and Other #HealthyBenefits (Not Coffee) 365women.info/drink-this-at-…

Twitter Web App : Sergeant Major Shine saw combat in many campaigns and was decorated for valor and the recipient of a Bronze Star. This past Thursday, this brave Marine lost his battle to the invisible wounds of war.
PRAYERS to his family and brothers in arms during this time

Twitter for iPad : Palantir CEO: Silicon Valley is in a bubble - Davos 2019 - YouTube. Short interview with Alex Karp , C.E.O. Palantir Tech. Very Important Security Co. out of Silicone Valley . He gets it a real American patriot. PLEASE SEE 5 min. video . youtube.com/watch?v=NtyLvr…