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SocialFlow : An inside look at how Forever 21 failed, and how it can survive bankruptcy trib.al/kxgQK5C

SocialFlow : Airbnb is gearing up for a $30 billion listing. But does it really care about helping the cities it depends upon to thrive? trib.al/HFCnMcA

iPhone : Prosecutors in #Brazil charge American journalist Glenn #Greenwald with cybercrimes for his role in the spreading of cellphone messages that have embarrassed prosecutors and tarnished the image of an anti-graft task force nyti.ms/2sKBoDX #InterceptBrasil The Intercept

SocialFlow : Frankfurt prosecutors are probing Mitsubishi over allegations two of its diesel engines may have been equipped with devices to cheat on emissions tests trib.al/UbhunA3

Twitter Web App : Gender equality remains another pressing issue. While the WEF touts the importance of diversity, Davos Man is clearly still the dominant species within the conference center itself bloomberg.com/news/articles/… #WEF20

iPhone : Today we launched Bloomberg Green, a global vertical focused on climate change. I - and we - care deeply about this issue, and our coverage so far has been brilliant. Follow the handle and read the content on .com and NI CLIMATE on the Bloomberg Terminal twitter.com/climate/status…

Twitter Web App : Mnuchin told The Wall Street Journal hes expect $1 trillion deficits for a couple more years

Tax revenues post tax cut as expected

Next China trade deal phase may not be a “big bang” twitter.com/stevenmnuchin1…

iPhone : “The president occasionally paused the interview to comment on Fox News, which was playing on a television in the background.”

He called Virginia’s Dem gov a wackjob and suggested the protests benefited him. “Thank you very much for handing me Virginia.”


Twitter Web App : Prosecutors in #Brazil charge American journalist Glenn #Greenwald with cybercrimes for his role in the spreading of cellphone messages that have embarrassed prosecutors and tarnished the image of an anti-graft task force nyti.ms/2sKBoDX #InterceptBrasil The Intercept

Twitter Web App : Press restrictions include velvet-rope pens corralling reporters during the trial, a magnetometer slowing access to the Senate chamber and limiting access to senators near elevators -- a key gathering spot.

SocialFlow : Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido is meeting Boris Johnson in London—a show of support from the British government for his campaign to oust President Nicolas Maduro trib.al/uihOiX7

iPhone : For my latest newsletter, I wrote about the popularity of “Jeopardy,” and what it means for the future of broadcast TV. bloomberg.com/news/newslette…

iPhone : Today we launched our CBS This Morning TikTok ahead of the #GRAMMYs.

Today’s feature: Feelin Good As Hell & Gayle King!

🔥👉 vm.tiktok.com/4AHk1t/

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Twitter Web App : Bloomberg Data Dash:
A Live Climate Scoreboard
for the World bloomberg.com/graphics/clima…

iPhone : Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s call to action is as important today as it was in 1959: “Make a career of humanity. Commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a better person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in.”

Twitter Web App : new: J.P. Morgan just hired a veteran IBM researcher to lead a new team created to develop financial uses for advanced technologies like quantum computing. 🤖👇


Twitter Web App : Women were left out of some of the biggest The Academy nominations this year, despite gains made behind the camera.

Heres how a new women-led film critic site CherryPicks is encouraging more of these stories be told #HowIWork #OscarNoms

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Android : Japan bracing for the influx of ~700,000 Chinese visitors during the Lunar New Year holiday amid virus scare #coronavirus #コロナウィルス

Customer-facing staff opting to wear face masks. Chinese visitors also buying them up due to low-stock back at home 😷

iPhone : So a few days ago a pediatrician made a TikTok video about how vaccines don’t cause autism. It was cute and fun, and it went viral. twitter.com/yashar/status/…

Android : Hello your friends @buisness have just launched an entire new climate website, and in a few months we will introduce a new magazine for our climate journalism. Its called Bloomberg Green. bloomberg.com/green

TweetDeck : On our new website, you can find out about carbon, and even buy some carbon if you like (but not the planet-warming kind) bloomberg.com/green

iPhone : Follow Bloomberg Green for the latest news and analysis of the climate crisis 🌏 bit.ly/2vbbPg7 pic.twitter.com/OPxRnczFyT

iPhone : China is banning plastic bags in supermarkets and shopping malls in major cities by the end of 2020 in a bid to cut plastic waste.

Plastic straws are also on the chopping block. More Bloomberg: trib.al/2PEzmTO

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SocialFlow : The Supreme Court suggested that it’s interested in hearing cases seeking the return of property confiscated during the Holocaust. blawgo.com/8KiyMr4

Twitter Web App : The press has had the right to walk, unfettered, through those doors and others to witness public sessions of the Senate since the 18th century. Tomorrow, there will be a police officer and a magnetometer in our way for the 1st time ever.

This is a bad idea

Twitter Web App : Capitalism needs to be fixed in a way that makes it more just and equitable.- CEO Ajay Banga at #WEF20. Watch full interview with Bloomberg Live here: youtube.com/watch?v=GHw_2u…

Twitter Web App : As an outbreak looms, China can show goodwill:
If [Xi] wants to be particularly generous, allowing Taiwan to join the World Health Organization’s decision-making body as an observer could be done while maintaining the stance that there is only one China.

Twitter Web App : Not so *tender* now, ehhhh? twitter.com/GearoidReidy/s…

TweetDeck : .@Climate change is weird because it simultaneously touches every part of life on Earth and still remains somewhat remote from the daily experience of most people.

Now, Bloomberg Green gives you a real-time cheat sheet that in a glance takes you from causes to solutions.

TweetDeck : NEW --> More than 3 in 4 Americans say Trump and his aides should be invited to testify before the Senate, according to a new Monmouth U poll

57% say House impeachment managers should be able to introduce new evidence

bloomberg.com/news/articles/… Daniel Flatley Bloomberg

Android : UPDATED: Two views of the world in Davos. Trump and his sweep at what he called Prophets of Doom. And Greta Thunberg and her cry to stop climate change now | with Josh Wingrove and Alan Crawford #ClimateChange #WEF20 bloomberg.com/news/articles/…

Twitter Web App : Paul Rizzo That said, some big declines in gaming and travel stocks, directly on the heels of this, so there is a direct market impact (MLCO down 9%, WYNN down 6%, etc.) And the coronavirus has been a story throughout the weekend.

iPhone : Bremmer: China is not aligning with western capitalism...We’ve reached peak globalisation with US/ China decoupling twitter.com/bsurveillance/…

Android : Outside Downing St. The healing ⁦Boris Johnson⁩ wants has not begun

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Twitter Web App : Great set of interviews here from Sophie Alexander with rich people who want to pay more taxes

It’s not that I personally want to pay more money. I can give away all my money if I wanted to. It’s that the growing inequality in our country is bad
bloomberg.com/news/features/… Bloomberg

Twitter Web App : Joe Biden calls for the repeal of Section 230, part of a U.S. law that protects internet companies from liability for content that their users post online trib.al/L1KbkkQ

iPhone : Just rubbed some pork ribs and threw them bad boys in a slow cooker with some hard apple cider to keep ‘em juicy.

I’m not done for the day but that may be my high water mark, folks.

iPhone : “It’s a chance to expand your imagination from the inside out, a chance not to work so hard to be normal, a chance to fight for a future that seems, from where we stand right now, to be impossible.” thecut.com/2019/01/what-i…

Android : In their latest gripping report about busting the lobby cartel, Guido Fawkes identify one malcontent at todays briefing as colleague Jessica Elgot - which seems unlikely given shes on maternity leave. Perhaps to some reporters, female lobby reporters are interchangeable.

Twitter Web App : Supreme Court denies motions to expedite appeals by blue states, House that are defending Obamacare. Strongly suggests court wont take up appeals this term.

iPhone : Lisa Lau Man-man, whose IPCC appointment ended last year, admitted in a Ming Pao interview that the council’s lack of investigative powers is an “impediment” and added that the IPCC hasn’t yet met with the police commander in charge in Yuen Long on July 21 news.mingpao.com/pns/%e8%a6%81%…

Android : Today we are launching Bloomberg Green, our look at the business, politics and technology of climate change. Heres a letter from our editor in chief bloomberg.com/news/articles/… Bloomberg Green

SocialFlow : Somalia says its offering of offshore exploration tenders will be open to all, a day after President Erdogan said Turkey is keen to participate trib.al/wjdtwx5

Android : I didnt expect so many people to be asking me where to get Dr. Ganja dolls!

But for all those who did, Thai governments Ministry of Public Health produced the Dr. Ganja mascot and dolls.

They only produced 500 of the lil guys so far for their promotional event in Dec.

Twitter Web Client : Morning. On Bloomberg TV
- US drops China FX manipulator tag ahead of trade deal
- exclusives w/ UBS China Chairman & BNP China CEO
- India CPI hits 5-year high
- US bank earnings kick off later
- plus Howard Marks tells us its not a good time to invest

SocialFlow : You already know Greta Thunberg and Elon Musk. But here are other interesting people who are offering solutions to the climate crisis trib.al/ZV7agRg

TweetDeck : 📚After 125 years, this is the most popular checkout at the New York Public Library.

See the full list here via NY Public Library: trib.al/iDVQYwh

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Twitter Web App : While they’re in Davos, delegates talk a good game on climate change. But will their talk turn into action? More #ReutersDavos coverage here: reut.rs/30Lxo2v #wef20 #wef2020

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Twitter Web App : This story has everything: Dick pics! Russian billionaires! Employees trying to speak out! A feminist brand owned by a parent company that on International Women’s Day gave men the day off! bloomberg.com/news/features/…

Twitter Web App : This company grows crickets, locusts and other insects to sell as pet food. Now, theyre expanding, becoming the first in the UK to produce insects for human consumption at an industrial scale. cnn.it/2ZAJb3b

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@manutd supporter. Loves playing tennis. Works in equity research to pay the bills.

Android : Hamza 6x6 MCV
Make: Cummins ISM 500
Power: 500 @ 1800
Type: Allison 4500 SP 6-Speed Automatic Transmission.
Speed: 110 km/hr.
Cruising Range: <500 km
Electric System (v): 24V/461E/FFR
Seating Capacity: 3+10.
Combat Weight: 20 to 22 Tons
Made in Pakistan

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Android : #شركة تنظيف الرياض التنظيف المنازل في الرياض والموكت المجلس جوال رقم

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iPhone : Bordel je viens de tomber sur lune des vidéos qui ma fait le plus rire dans ma vie 😭

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Android : For the 4th straight year, #silver was voted as the metal most likely to outperform other #preciousmetals | #kitconews #gold #finance #markets #mining #investing | kitco.com/news/2019-12-2…