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iPhone : Rhode Island school district turns student lunch debt over to collection agency

iPhone : D/ Next thing is even IF they had reason to believe there is collusion, it is not an illagl act; why spy on/investigate? Moreover, many people foolishly claim that Obama DOJ just wanted to “protect” the Trump campaign from Russian efforts. Well, contact the campaign that Russia

iPhone : C/ then it is an issue for Hillary to get info from Russia on Trump (via dossier). So the minute FusionGPS pushed the dossier into the DOJ with the help of Bruce Ohr, an honest DOJ/FBI would say “you Steele/Simpson are doing the same thing what the dossier says Trump is doing.”

iPhone : B/ campaign-wide conspiracy to collude with Russia to get info on Hillary, there are still many politically-motivied, prosecutable abuses-of-power by the Obama DOJ/Comey FBI against the Trump campaign. For starters: If it is an issue for Trump to get info from Russia on Hillary,

iPhone : A/ As I tweeted many times over the last 18 months, Mueller is here to keep Trump on his heels and thus stop accountability of the Obama DOJ abuses, and secondly by finding collusion they think it will legitimize the spying/abuse. But here is the fact: Even IF there was a real

iPhone : Reporters publicly ragging on people they cover isn't a great look but it happens about 100 times a day to Trump and members of the admin. There are never apologies.

Many of those, like this, are for good cause.

"Congressmembers" isn't a word. We shouldn't pretend otherwise.…

iPhone : why should we accept that Whittaker at DOJ is such a partisan hack for Trump who cant do the job-
but not believe AG Lynch and Sally Yates-- both anti-Trump partisans-- were untrustworthy when it came to the final decision on Hillary's emails?

iPhone : It’s been a week since Rashida Tlaib became the second new House Democrat to support the boycott and delegitimization of Israel.

Nancy Pelosi still hasn’t condemned it.

iPhone : CNN “reporter” Brian Stelter begs fake conservative Max Boot to figure out how top stop Heather Nauert from becoming U.N. ambassador: “What do we do? Max, she is not qualified for this job!”

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iPhone : Video: @BrianStelter goes activist, pleads to Max Boot to learn how top stop Heather Nauert heather nauert from becoming ambassador to UN. “What do we do? Max, she is not qualified for this job.”

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iPhone : 1) Who is Brian Stelter to decide who is and who is not qualified to be UN Ambassador?

2) He brings on someone who just this week published an insane conspiracy about Russian bots being behind French protests to complain about "alternative reality bubble" created by FNC.…

iPhone : Wow. Everyone just found out about the new Twitter. Just want to say that I WAS THE FIRST CONSERVATIVE TO JOIN.

This underground-railroad, word-of-mouth movement is 🔥.

Feels like a long-overdue social media rebellion. My handle is Candace M.

RT when you’re in on the secret.…

iPhone : Radical Muslims are out to kill Asia Bibi because she is a Pakistani-Christian. Terrorists in this video have been going door-to-door in search of Asia and her family.

Sign the petition below to ask President Trump to grant Asia Bibi asylum!…

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iPhone : Been (happily) off the grid.Story about Kyler Murray isn’t about social media. It’s about what the hell happened to people-digging up old tweets to try to destroy someone,forgetting that we sometimes say dumb things,then grow up & do better. A scary time to be a plain old human.

iPhone : The Oscars wanted Kevin Hart to host to avoid the whole “Oscars so white” hashtags this year.. like “look we got Kevin Hart”.. but then they try to control the black man by giving him an ultimatum to apologize about tweets he made years ago.. proving that “Oscars so white”