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iPhone : This neatly summarizes why prioritizing American interests is not tantamount to isolationism, as many people - including a lot of neocon-weary conservatives - seem to think. The United States has *always* had crucial interests overseas (e.g. Barbary Pirate war of 1801.)…

iPhone : Rebeccah Heinrichs Josh Hammer Jordan Schachtel The first foreign war America fought without a formal war declaration, against stateless enemy combatants, utilizing private military contractors... was the Barbary Pirate war in 1801.

Even the Founding Fathers knew that "America first" did not mean "America isolated."

iPhone : In short, what happened to Saudia Arabia yesterday could easily happen to us in a war with Russia if we're not careful. It's almost always easier to attack than to defend. I sure hope we rush our new SHORAD equipment to the front lines within the next year or two.

iPhone : Josh Hammer Jordan Schachtel The goal is not to shrink away and abandon the world. Not only will that not work out for us, it’s not even how Americans are wired. The goal shld be to maximize our sovereignty so we can move in the world on our own terms and not be under the thumb of dictators.

iPhone : Josh Hammer Jordan Schachtel And back to more directly what Josh was saying: KSA is a sovereign nation. A major pillar of this Admin’s strategy for dealing w/ the spectrum of threats is to strengthen allies and build their capacity to defend themselves. Wish DJT wld switch to affirming those doing well.

iPhone : Josh Hammer Jordan Schachtel And I find it v interesting how ppl still think we can take on every problem at once right now. We simply cannot. PRC and RF have exploited our focus on ME wars. We need greater discipline as we invest in new/different capabilities to deter and defend against them.

iPhone : Maybe... hear me out... maybe Iran is NOT justified in attacking KSA and disrupting the global energy market. Maybe Iran is to blame for its own economic woes and shld stop funding terrorism and littering the ME w/ weapons/missiles.

iPhone : Really interesting seeing all the articles offering suggestions for how to deescalate the situation w/ Iran. The myth that the choices are between US capitulation or war has really taken hold.

iPhone : As America's focus shifts to the Indo-Pacific, Japan becomes our most important ally. The Trump administration, and its successors, need to think hard about how to make that alliance work. My latest @wsjopinion…

iPhone : Sgt. 1st Class Jeremy W. Griffin, 41, of Greenbrier, Tennessee, was killed in action by small arms fire on Monday while engaged in combat operations in Wardak Province, Afghanistan, in support of Operation Freedoms Sentinel.