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TweetDeck : NIS America, Inc. During our hands-on with the Switch version, we managed to capture some footage of docked mode in action. Here's some of our gameplay for folks to check out: youtube.com/watch?v=sADGGN…

TweetDeck : We recently got invited to check out NIS America, Inc.'s Switch release for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III. Despite some clear downgrades in visuals and performance, it's shaping up to be another great option for playing the game: rpgsite.net/preview/9425-t…

TweetDeck : Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Encore (physical) is discounted to $49. Its out of stock, but you can order at this price and itll be sent once they get it back in: amzn.to/31x8uEg

TweetDeck : Volume 1 of the Persona 5 manga is discounted to $7.89: amzn.to/2UF2vfj

Pre-orders for Vol 2 (out April) are also discounted: amzn.to/2SmqjBK

Others are still full price;
Vol 3: amzn.to/31x7VdC
Vol 4: amzn.to/2H2n2SR

TweetDeck : Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition is discounted to $20 on Amazon. Includes Baldurs Gate, Baldurs Gate II, & Siege of Dragonspear in their lovely enhanced forms.

PS4: amzn.to/389HPjc
XBO: amzn.to/2OBkm2W

TweetDeck : Adaptive Cyberpunk RPG Gamedec introduces farming virtual world Harvest Time in new developer diary: rpgsite.net/news/9431-adap…

TweetDeck : Bandai Namco has revealed more new DLC for SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays coming this February and March, which will add content from Mobile Fighter G Gundam among others:

Hootsuite Inc. : Way of the Samurai first released on this day in 2002. It kicked off the series, which has since received three sequels, a spin-off, an enhanced release and a PSP port.

Hootsuite Inc. : Tales of Legendia first hit North America on this day in 2006. This projects development team was made up of Tales Series veterans joined for this project Tekken and SoulCalibur staff.

Hootsuite Inc. : Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning first released on this day in 2012. The game was intended to be the first entry point to a wider universe that would ultimately lead to a MMO. None of that would come to pass, however.

TweetDeck : Atlus Japan has released their annual online customer survey, with questions asking players what Remakes & what Switch ports they might like to see for existing games. Selections include Digital Devil Saga, Devil Summoner, Persona, Etrian Odyssey, & more: rpgsite.net/news/9429-atlu…

TweetDeck : Atlus has published a new character trailer for Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers, starring Zenkichi Wolf Hasegawa who has been recently confirmed as a new playable character:

TweetDeck : Pixel-art roguelike action RPG Undungeon gets a new gameplay trailer, set to release in late 2020 for PC: rpgsite.net/news/9427-pixe…

TweetDeck : The Outer Worlds for Nintendo Switch has been delayed due to coronavirus concerns impacting Virtuos Games. The physical version will now include the game on a cartridge when it releases: rpgsite.net/news/9426-the-…

Android : Just released- FF DOT: The Pixel Art of Final Fantasy, a 280-page book of sprite sheets and art prints of Final Fantasys classic pixel art. Also contains developer interviews. Currently a 33% off, to $16: amzn.to/2Smdpnq

TweetDeck : Koei Tecmo has published new information for Nioh 2, introducing even more characters such as Saito Dosan, Takenaka Hanbei, and an original female yokai who plays an important role in your characters past:

TweetDeck : Fire Emblem: Three Houses (physical) is discounted to $49 on Amazon. Theres even more Fire Emblem characters in this than Smash Bros! amzn.to/2S1MBd4

TweetDeck : ICYMI, Final Fantasy VII Remake now has an updated box art indicating the updated, post-delay PS exclusivity period: amzn.to/2S4INrn