Then they came for the judges (@RWwatchMA )

Then they came for the judges

Bio First they came for the immigrants, and I did not speak out—because I was not an immigrants. Then they came for the judges
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Twitter Web App : Fox Accused Rep. Omar Of ‘Profanity-Laced’ Attack On Trump – When She Was Merely Quoting Him: Fox News doesn’t seem to mind much that Donald Trump has bragged about grabbing women by the p***y, referred to non-white countries as “s***hole countries” and…

Twitter Web App : The Trump Administration is abusing executive privilege in an attempt to muzzle Mueller. The purpose of executive privilege is to protect confidential deliberations between the President and others in the Executive Branch, not to limit an investigation of the President.…

Twitter Web App : I think if we open an #ImpeachmentInquiryNow, more and more people will realize how #unfit Trump truly is. When Watergate hearings began only 19% of Americans supported impeachment. When they heard the proof they changed their minds. There’s a lot of proof for people to hear.

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Twitter Web App : The visual and sound speaks volumes. This is San Juan, Puerto Rico NOW

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Twitter Web App : Here are 5 reasons students (& everyone else) should strike for climate 🌍

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Twitter Web App : In einem Trauermarsch durch die Innenstadt von #Bremen zeigten wir heute, dass #BusinessAsUsual schon jetzt für viele Menschen & Hundertausend Arten den Tod bedeutet. Schliess Dich uns an und rebelliere mit friedlichem #zivilenUngehorsam fürs Überleben!

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Twitter Web App : He is the vainest leader on the planet; and he is profoundly ignorant. He thinks he can solve any crisis - his own genius is all that is missing. Therefore he does not need to know anything about said crisis. The only knowledge worth knowing is that Trump's skills are absent (5)

Twitter Web App : The letter isnt even signed by a high ranking DOJ official, and it certainly doesnt take back what Barr said Mueller was able to do. DOJ now appears scared and resorting to their old playbook. Given their prior gross distortions of what Mueller found, hard to give credence here

Twitter Web App : UPDATE: We have reached 71 signatures to urge Harvard to divest from fossil fuels, we need 100 people to sign this petition. THIS is how you can make a DIRECT change, right now!

Twitter Web App : .Chris Hayes, I used to watch Josh on #inners. Mass. has a governor who is pushing fracked gas in big ways at a cost of billions to rate-payers and at an opportunity cost of less investment in clean energy tech for elec gen., heating and transportation.…

Twitter Web App : Mass. has an enormous capacity to generate electricity off-shore with wind turbine, 15x demand. We haven't been able to get the project off the ground. Two days last summer Denmark produced 100% of electricity demand with wind turbine and had 20% more it sold #export #mapoli…

Twitter Web App : In advance of Wednesday here is what the GOP really thinks of Robert Mueller. Watch and pass it on.

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Twitter Web App : One of the reasons they did that is because the children would cry, and the older kids figured out that when they cried the guards got angry. So the best thing they could do was to protect these children. It was protecting all of them.

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Twitter Web App : Click through to the video #thread👆🏽 Trump made today dragging the governor, and other comments about Trump's contribution to the problems the people in Puerto are facing.…

Twitter Web App : Trump is a shameless liar.

Tonight though, the people of Puerto Rico want the governor to resign. Their four biggest issues are how he handled Hurricane Maria, education policy #SchoolPrivatization, federal fiscal management control,& the gov's disrespect for his people #mapoli…