Then they came for the judges (@RWwatchMA )

Then they came for the judges

Bio First they came for the immigrants, and I did not speak out—because I was not an immigrants. Then they came for the judges
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Twitter Web Client : The best thing about the Trump era is how conservatives #MaghanMcCain and conservadems #MartyWalsh use it to argue we should vote the corporate democrat whose economic policies arent all that much better for the middle class than Trumps… #bospoli #mapoli

Twitter Web Client : RECORDED TODAY: Ein Europa für Alle Rally & March against Nationalism in Berlin 🇩🇪… #1EuropaFuerAlle MAY 19, 2019 also in Cologne, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Munich & Hamburg. “No to Hate, Yes to Change” in Budapest, Genoa, Utrecht, Warsaw, Bucharest #mapoli

TweetDeck : An insur. company exec. financed Nigel Farage with £450,000 for his political operation and lifestyle including posh house, rad car, security & travel, which included a trip to the Republican National Convention where Trump was nominated by GOP thanks to Paul Manafort #mapoli…

Twitter Web Client : Tens of Thousands Rally Against Nationalism Before EU Votes…

If you want to see something completely radiant: Live Stream A Europe for All – Demonstration Against Nationalism in Berlin 🇩🇪 #wiunion #nhpolitics #mapoli

TweetDeck : Nice summer beer garden. We can't have nice things in Boston 🇺🇸 because the restaurant lobby has too much political influence over elected officials who prioritize their agenda (protect their financial interests) over public interest. @unversalhub #mapoli #bospoli…

TweetDeck : Everybody wants to know what Mitt Romney knows. Will the senator from the state of Utah disclose his reasoning? There was no hiding from the prof. at Harvard Law nor should there now when truth and reason are compromised under the stress of government corruption #mapoli #utpol…

TweetDeck : Molenbeek, Belgium 🇧🇪 and Islamist terror Focus on Europe | identity, belonging, discrimination, alienation, religion, radicalization, education and intervention #bospoli

TweetDeck : Wisconsin Strong Vibe Owens talking about Hitler in England broke it down like this, she is and others should be cool with Hitler's domestic policy but where he got into trouble was his foreign policy, he was a globalist, not as in free trade, as in conquer the world. lol. A people buying her rap?