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iPhone : The awesome Biffy Clyro headlining #iowfestival2019!
What makes #biffyclyro even more awesome is that they know exactly who speaks for everyone in this country, they know what Jeremy Corbyn is all about, as you can see from this clip taken from their NME interview.

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iPhone : Matt Hancock Shock resonates around Britain as a talentless chancer backs the bigoted candidate most likely to win in the hope of getting a better job than the one that matches his limited ability, such as a paper clip auditor.

iPhone : Sunday Mirror claims front-page ‘exclusive’ on Johnson outburst – 16 days after SKWAWKBOX broke it skwawkbox.org/2019/06/16/sun…

iPhone : Jeremy Hunt says he wants the UK to be the greenest economy in Europe. The same Hunt voted 11 times against measures to tackle climate change & twice in favour for fracking.
Jeremy Hunt wants nothing of the sort.

iPhone : Michael Gove just repeated this lie on the #C4Debate 👇 Be sure others knows... theguardian.com/politics/2016/…

iPhone : Gove: I’ve put climate change at the heart of Government policy.

By voting against measures to prevent climate change, 5 times?

Michael Gove tells lies. #C4Debate

iPhone : Apparently leadership debates are “essential”.

Retweet this if you think Boris Johnson is a spineless coward.

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iPhone : A few years ago the idea that Conservative leadership candidates would be debating whether or not to suspend parliament would have seemed utterly dystopian. #C4Debate

iPhone : Telling that none of Tory leadership candidates have got *anything* to say on any issue but Brexit

Not the NHS
Not Housing/homelessness
Not Climate change
Not knife crime
Not school cuts
Not austerity
Not public sector pay cap

They don't give a flying fuck


iPhone : Rory Stewart wants Nigel Farage involved in delivering Brexit.

Just think about it for one moment.

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iPhone : Anthony LBC Ian Payne Wanting Brexit isn’t defined by a political position. Being a xenophobic hate monger that blames all of our ills on migrants is defined by a political position, on the far-right.

How David and Diane come in to this I’ll never know, or care.