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iPhone : Imagine someone telling you, say a year ago, that Johnson would be PM, Mogg would be leader of the House, Priti Patel would be Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary Raab - and Nadine Dorries would be a Minister for anything.

What a fucking dire state our country is in right now.

iPhone : Don't forget. This man is owned by no one.
Not fracking companies.
Not petrochemical companies.
Not any mainstream media outlets.
Not the establishment.
This man is different. We get one last shot. Let's make it happen this time!
#JC4PM2019 twitter.com/UKLabourRadlet…

iPhone : People comparing Johnson’s Brexit to the shambles put together by Theresa May are way off the mark.

Johnson’s Brexit is a harder Brexit, and the government themselves think you’ll be around £2,500 a year worse off because of it.

iPhone : How many people on universal credit or zero hour contracts can afford the luxury of driving lessons? Or a passport? This is the Tories through & through. Throw millions of people into poverty then take away their rights to vote.

iPhone : Never let Jo Swinson tell you the Liberal Democrats tamed the Tories.

They went above & beyond to make sure austerity happened.

Only a Labour Government can clean up this mess.

iPhone : Apparently Priti Patel will deliver an ‘extra’ 20,000 police officers - (the same ones she voted to get rid of).

Rumours of them being trained up by the IOF are yet to be confirmed. #Marr

iPhone : Jo Swinson has told #Ridge that neither Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson are fit to be Prime Minister.

Has anyone told Jo how our voting system works? It’s one or the other, and if you don’t back Corbyn you are giving your support to Boris Johnson.

Vote Lib Dem, get Johnson.

iPhone : Of course, Im the leader of the opposition... We will form an administration if this government collapses with the purpose of a deal, and take this country forward to decide its own future through an election..
💯 Jeremy Corbyn #JC4PM

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iPhone : Jeremy Corbyn has this morning confirmed that Labour will immediately bring down Boris Johnson’s government if he doesn’t request an extension to article 50 in the event of failing to get a deal from the EU.

Buckle up.

iPhone : Jeremy Corbyn absolutely right. Any public vote on Brexit should happen under a Labour Government. #Ridge

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iPhone : •120,000 austerity-linked dead
•Rough sleeping up 165%
•1/14 have used a Foodbank
•MH Benefit Sanctions up 668%
•128,000 homeless kids
•14m in poverty
•Council budgets cut in half

This government have just blown £100 million telling you to get ready for Brexit.

iPhone : This is so good it needed sharing again.

This Dutch Minister wears his Palestine badge and refuses to shake the hand of Netanyahu. “This is a person who does not deserve to shake hands because his hand is stained with the blood of Palestinian children.

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