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iPhone : Today in interview after interview I made it clear yet again that I would campaign to Remain. Yet Polly Toynbee writes that I was “suggesting Labour take a neutral stand in a future referendum.” No I didn’t Polly. Correct your article please. theguardian.com/commentisfree/…

iPhone : Boris Johnson says the likely Brexit food and fuel shortages are merely a 'bump in the road'.

Failing your MOT is a bump in the road. Getting an unexpected bill in the post is a bump in the road.

Starving to death is a fucking disaster, you arrogant tosspot.

iPhone : This confirms Theresa May’s status as the most awful and corrupted Prime Minister we’ve ever had, apart from the current one.

Investigation unveils £850,000 ‘golden goodbye’ scandal under Theresa May premiership thelondoneconomic.com/politics/inves…

iPhone : I struggle to get people failing to see the link between the language used by far-right fascists and the dangerously provocative language in much of the British media. They light the fire, add fuel at will, then stand back and watch it burn, and they do this with impunity.

iPhone : Quite an incredible story.

‘Many people know that I was working in a restaurant when I got elected, but they don’t know why.’ - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opened up about her family’s struggle and her fathers battle with lung cancer in a hearing on affordable health care

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iPhone : •4,200,000 children in poverty
•13,000 homeless veterans
•350,000 children in destitution
•120,000 austerity linked dead
•1,583,668 Foodbank parcels
•131,000 homeless children

This year, the Tories handed out £24 BILLION worth of tax relief to oil & gas companies.

iPhone : Big row in the UK about No Deal Brexit & a possible vote of no confidence in our unelected prime minister, Boris Johnson. If this happens:

Who should lead a government of national unity?

(Please RT for sample size.)

iPhone : What is really going on is Corbyn’s opponents are trying to paint him as somehow *illegitimate* as PM

It is profoundly antidemocratic

It is also very dangerous

If he is voted down, very likely all others will be too

We’d then get No Deal (slow hand clap Tom Brake MP 🔶 et al)

iPhone : The Guardian seems to be the source of many ludicrous and dishonest stories these days - and a favoured outlet for letters attacking Corbyn. So it’s no shock that their year-on-year circulation dropped by 5%.

They don’t want Leveson 2.

Jeremy Corbyn will deliver Leveson 2.

iPhone : We're in a national crisis and a key speech by the Leader of the Opposition is NOT one of FIVE headlines on the BBC's six o'clock news.

I would say it's 'extraordinary'.

The trouble is, it isn't.


iPhone : The Tory proposal to raise the State Pension age to 75, whilst average lifespans in the UK decline is perverse. Add to that the fact its the least generous pension in the developed world according to the OECD & people are rightly furious. #ReachOverTheNoise #GetTheToriesOut

iPhone : You hypocritical wimps.

You spend yrs branding journalists on the left as Nazis, antisemites, fake news, terrorist sympathisers & cultists.

You cheer while we’re arrested, imprisoned & beaten in the streets.

Someone calls you a disgrace. And now you care about press freedom. twitter.com/paulbranditv/s…

iPhone : Sad to see journalists being threatened with actual physical violence with the collusion of the so-called Prime Minister.
Haven't noticed many of you 'journalists' asking *that* uncomfortable question...
But you crack on complaining about 'heckling' twitter.com/nickeardleybbc…