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iPhone : Wayfair employees plan a walkout in response to the company furnishing border facilities twitter.com/i/events/11435…

iPhone : We applaud Wayfair.com workers who are walking out to protest Wayfair profiting from detention centers.

No one who works for a company profiting from these camps should be standing idly by as children are dying. This takes a village.



iPhone : I suddenly want to watch the Olympics! Great to see breaking added! If you’ve never seen these athletes go, you have missed out tremendously! twitter.com/olympics/statu…

iPhone : Has phone in hand. Still searched around the house for a pen to write down a date on paper that I was absolutely going to lose instead of immediately putting said appointment in my google calendar

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iPhone : Mood

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iPhone : My life: listening to B sing a song he made up, “I love my auntie”...over and over to the tune of “You are my sunshine”. Exhales into the joy of priceless moments

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Twitter for iPad : If playing games with actual human characters is problematic, then why do people play sport games with actual players?
Is that controlling?
No, you just play games WITH the characters.
BU is also narratives with the characters.

So excited for BTS World!

iPhone : No truer words have been written. More than Army see you for what you are Western Music Industry and RADIO!
“Refusal to place them on an equal plane with the most successful English-speaking pop artists is willful ignorance at this point.”


Our creativity update includes an overhaul of the pen tool:
👩🏻‍🎨 AutoDraw
🌈 Magic ink
🖍 New pen styles
😍 Emojis
🎨 Fill tool
✍️ Edit drawings

Find out more here: bookcreator.com/2019/06/autodr…

#ISTE19 #ISTE2019 #BringCreativity #ISTE #edtech

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iPhone : Apparently there is confusion: World Digital Song Sales only counts song sales in the United States. “World” refers to the musical category, not where the purchases are coming from. All of the #1 songs (and 71 top 10s) on this chart have been secured by US & PR Armys. 방탄소년단